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Espilonarge gets mounted by Flinters
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Yeah.... so even redtailfox redtailfox needs a ride now and then. And with morphologically challenged and easily changed people like espilonarge espilonarge, it's easy for a mount to be arranged. Not sure Espy is happy with this arrangement though... Speed Sketch on Tigerdile.
Commission-Horse TF by Fringedog
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Apparently, someone else liked enough my equines to commission me another. Commission for Tigerboyjayce on FA
Commission-Troublesome change by Fringedog
8778 views, 69 favorites, 0 comments
Horse TF commission for PaulRevere on furaffinity
Behooved by Kazen
13652 views, 168 favorites, 6 comments
A quick tg/tf piece I did awhile ago, that I'm working on a follow up to! I may color this one sometime. Been a long time since my last uploads here, so I ought to update to reflect my self-improvement.
[Comm] Combat Karen by K-Libra
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A sketch commission sequence for @PaulRevere. I wanted to cover something none of his commissions have as far as her and her transformations go. That's when I realized that she's never been shown in combat. Fighting while transforming. That's something you don't see every other blue moon.
Horse Outfit by Fox0808
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Guy puts on leggings!
Khatun by Coyoteskin
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On the steppes, women were stolen from one family and taken as brides for other families. She prayed to the sky for the strength and the ability to leave her captors. And the sky answered, although it was in quite an unusual manner. ;) From here on out she roamed the plains in her armor and on her stout pony and freed all the prisoners~ And she became a super hero~ But maybe she was also immortal? o__o and like was miserable because of the dichotomy of the gift the sky had given her? One f...
COMMISSION A Winter Crisis by ReddishMaroon
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Hello!! Here is a commissioned sequence for @Paulrevere that is based on a delightful tale of an adventurer with a curse that causes her to TF into a horse. The story this sequence is based on can be read here: Go read it, it's super neato!!
Stud by Kitsunefan
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Picture for Sem on FA turning into a horse
Burgers by Tgwonder
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Yep, that's why you need to source your goods, :B