TF/Furry and scifi/fantasy artist since many years, now trying to produce art full time.


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Commission Orders

Open for new commissions

I'm always open for commissions!

For those interested in commissioning me, just send me an email at . This is important as emails are much easier for me to communicate through than notes!

Current basic commissions prices are:

Traditional Sketch: 25$USD

Traditional Ink(regular or on toned paper): 55$USD

Digital Painting: 85$USD

I accepts sequences, but only at a pace of two images per month per sequences. Longer sequences will have to be paced over multiple months.

Part of the reason for this is to prevent any single overly large project from dominating the entire month and forcing me to tell interested clients they have to wait before I can take on new projects(by which time they might have moved on).

The other part of the reason for this is to prevent the quality of the project itself from being negatively affected from working too long on the same project without "creative breaks"... thus pacing out the sequence allow me to tackle each segment with a fresh mind better able to stay focused on the task for the length of the segment.

Similarly, pacing out sequences also allows me to better schedule and plan out my work if I start the month already knowing the projects in front of me than having to start every months as a blank slate of uncertainty.

Also, please support my Patreon! Every little bits help: