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HorseCoffee by Faunus
18294 views, 134 favorites, 7 comments
You know how it're out having coffee, and whamo! You start turning into a horse.
horsetfinthechair by Tincrash
33810 views, 160 favorites, 10 comments
Rubber Mare by Fenchurch
18320 views, 93 favorites, 7 comments
I was just reminded to upload this, part of a three part collaboration to turn Zho into an anthro rubber mare! Here "she" is, fully changed. :-3 The other artitsts were Ness and Maltoran.
ZhoToMareTGThinger by LaraTheLabRat
9828 views, 30 favorites, 3 comments
Zho kangaroo turning into a mare. Part of a thing to cheer the dude up with my buddies Maltoran and Fenchurch.
car by Birvan
8 images, 50536 views, 283 favorites, 17 comments
One of the commissions I did to pay the replacement of my tablet's stylus. I was requested to do a woman to horse transformation sequence based loosely on a story on the same topic. Full sequence can also be found here (so certain people don't start saying I stole it):
Unto Me P by Kazen
10 images, 70211 views, 517 favorites, 30 comments
Update: Now with resized images!
Palomino Mare by Fenchurch
14397 views, 71 favorites, 7 comments
Zho suggested I do a pic of someone who was just turned into a "Palomino" (A breed of horse) anthro. I thought of a girl returning home to her family farm and wishing to be a little stronger for performing manual tasks - so here she is holding her new tail and ready to work on the farm! =)
horsetf by Childofdune
14414 views, 96 favorites, 19 comments
I kinda wanted to take a horse tf in a different direction, a little more strange but simple. Pretty pleased with how this one turned out.
War Horse TF by Dragon-Storm
24993 views, 83 favorites, 6 comments
Run out of horses, no problem, we just might be short 20 to thrity warriors, or servents...
Orells First Day by Jgood8
19512 views, 95 favorites, 3 comments
Not sure who did it, but it did somethin.