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Telegram Channel! [Posted 11/10/2019]

Hello Everyone, we are starting a telegram chat to get the community more active! Please join us at this link to help make transfur a better place!

We've Got Some Catching up to do! [Posted 8/12/2019]

Hello everyone, we're sorry we've been so distant for so long but we're finally back and we've got some news! First, we'd like to explain why it's been so long since our last update, you may have guessed the answer: Life. For Aurali, the owner of Transfur, it's been quite busy but all that time has not been wasted as Aurali has also been working on the brand new version of the Transfur website!

A Brand New Website

Yup we're working on a brand new website for Transfur. Transfur has a long history and is a very old website based on early 2000s net code. Nowadays,it has become impossible to upgrade the website so it was decided that a new version would need to be created in order to allow us to continue updating the site. This project was started a few years ago but not many knew of it. Now, as the project approaches the end of it's drafting stage we'd like to build a team to help us make the new Transfur website a reality! The new Transfur website will follow the core of what Transfur has always been: An interface to make it easy to view transformation content while providing an expectation of quality work. We support the artists by making it easy to connect with commissioners and promote their work.

Transfur is Making a New Team!

To help develop this new website we'll need a bit of help, we've got a few positions we'd like people to help us with. Arcaxon, our newest admin, will be in charge of putting the team together. We're currently looking for programmers who know and/or have experience in Ruby and/or Angular, we'll also need some UX designers and a few people to test early concepts. Do note that these positions are not paid and are fully volunteer work.

Please fill in this form if you would like to help us out:

The Questions Part!

So you must have so many questions after such a long time, here's a few we can answer for you and if you have other questions feel free to ask us via our Twitter

How can I support the project?

- You can support us by lending your skills to us, by pledging to our Patreon, or by sharing our social media posts!

How long will it take to launch this new website?

- It depends on a few things, such as free time and who decides to join the team. So, sadly we don't have any release dates planned at this time!

Will you be accepting general submissions without screening?

- We plan on switching from an artist based screening to an image based screening, with the ability to allow trusted artists to skip the screening.

Will the data from the old Transfur transfer to this new Transfur Website? :3

Of course! We'd consider the project a failure if it wasn't a faithful transfer of data.

Should I stop posting to the current Transfur?

- You shouldn't stop posting as we will be transferring the data to the new website.

Will the URL change?

No, the website will remain on the same address; upon completion of the project we'll simply replace the old website.

What's going to happen to the current website?

- The old site has done fantastic work but it's time to let it rest, upon completion of the new Transfur website it'll be decommissioned.

Do you plan on adding more features?

- First we'll focus on creating the core experience of Transfur and later we'll work on what additional features we can add.

Where can we give feedback?

- Leave comments on our Twitter and Patreon posts or send Arcaxon DMs with your questions, he'll do his best to answer.

What is the new website based on?

- Platform is currently a mix of a ruby backend and an angular front end.

Will the website work on mobile?

- As this website will follow modern web standards, it will be available on mobile.

Will there be any community events or contests done in the future now that you're active again?

- We'll wait until after we finish the website to say anything on this topic, although we are interested in holding some community events and contests.

What's the website going to look like?

- We're still working on that, but will post updates to our Twitter about the website's progress!

How do we keep track of updates?

- Please follow our Twitter

Do you plan on making the new website premium-like?

- Nope! 100% of Transfur will always be free to use by everyone!

Do you guys do requests?

- I think you may be lost.

A loss and a plea for help... [Posted 1/22/2017]

Madison is part of our family here at TransFur, and one of the life partners of our former Community Relations Director, Snowy Hare. On Sunday, a tragedy struck that touched us all. Madision and Jess (her other partner) had just returned from a walk, when she complained of something being wrong, and then collapsed on the floor.

She never again regained consciousness, passing on Tuesday, January 17th, from complications.

Madision is now trying to pick up the pieces of her life, and part of that is raising money to purchase the car in which they made so many memories traveling the UK.

If you feel moved to, please consider helping. I know times are hard, and I am making no demands of anyone, but I am certain the kindness in this dark time would mean a lot to her.

Thank you for reading.