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[c] Prehistoric Change by Recurrent
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A cel shaded commission with a background for DigitalPotato
Feraligatr TF by Taitora
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Partner by Taitora
7 images, 1498 views, 23 favorites, 2 comments
Their journey has begun, but it may not be in the way they originally thought.
Lion TF by Taitora
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Milking It by KrazyIvan
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Being a diary farmer gets complicated when you're the one being farmed.
The Asylum by MaLAguA
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Here I bring the small mini comic I was working on. I hope it's of your guys's liking. Originally, I thought of making this piece in a simplified black and white but given how i don't really have that much practice in the technique, I ended up coloring the thing in its entirety and just applying the filter. As I draw this I realize that I still have a lot of practice ahead and a lot to learn. It takes me quite a lot to make the backgrounds consistent and good (none of these are) and much more...
[c] Red Shell [Compiled] by Recurrent
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ThroneZwei's 5 month long transformation as their April through September Patreon Rewards. If you are interested in my Patreon and would like to receive art each month you can check it out here,
Peafoxten by KrazyIvan
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Patrons on a poll tier were being rather indecisive on a vote for a TF, so i combined all three together.
Out of Control (2017) by Adaru32
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As the title states, these were pieces I made in 2017. Something I did just for fun with my villainous self transforming into the furless werewolf form. Reason for the bald one was 'cause it was a WIP image before the full one, and thought I'd show off the neck. Drawn on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet. Coloured on Sai with a mouse and the tablet.
[c] Overwarked - Complete (4 Pages) by Recurrent
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A cel shaded comic page commission for @PheagleAdler featuring my own Nika, doing what she does best. Helping people out by transforming them. She may need to elaborate more in the beginning though.