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A walk in the woods by KrazyIvan
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Coloured version of a sketch i did for a patron last month She's shirtless in another one...
Goomy attack by Danwolf
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Comission for nightfirer That's a lot of Goomies o-o What do they want from h...Oh...oh...okay...
Night-time Hypnowlsis by Garig1510
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An Owl TF, yay! :D It would seem there is something rather... hypnotizing out there! Could be the moon, could be something else in the dark, but it sure is making this fellow more suitable for their night-time environment! And this was a commission for a client over on FA! Thank you very much again for the commission, I never drew an Owl TF before, and this was a lovely project, very fun to work on! :D Really cool colours on the OC too, actually! A pleasant blend of dark-ish blues and whit...
Super Moon by Sonicspirit
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^_^ I love doing TFs, and this was a super (heh, Super) cool idea. Nikkigamer on deviantART has been supporting me over there for years, and is always sure to comment, and I wanted to give her something to show my appreciation. She's pretty rad. So yeah! A Super Sonic TF with the moon as a trigger! The name wrote itself! I have a Patreon, now! Join up to see pages early!:
Scolipede TF by Kaju
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FUNBOX: Request BOX :
Patreon Sneak Peak - Meerkat Oil by tfancred
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If you want to see more of my stuff or participate to my future projects, you can join my patreon at : Now, Story time! Martin went to bed with a bad headache. He tried this new pill he bought at a weird little shop. The label said extra condensed meerkat oil... This is how she woke up today...
April by Taitora
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March: Worldwide pandemic Me in April:
Corvid-19 by Taitora
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I understand and apologize if you're not comfortable with this one.
Flamingo Dance! by Garig1510
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Well hey, another happy Flamingo TF, yay - James's Flamingo, to be more precise! Seems like someone didn't heed the warnings I made last time about staying on the path! But they don't seem to mind the consequences either! And hey, this was a commission for a client over on FA! Thank you very much again for commissioning me, this was a very fun project, I seriously enjoyed working on it! :D Got to play around with Flamingo colours again, and a dynamic little pose! And I love their legs, they ...
The price of heroism by Sialu
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He had entered the fight knowing he'd likely not return home; this however, had not been part of his list of "possible reasons why" this are a few concept drawings for a story I've got on the works