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Derg TF SFW by Sonicspirit
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Sometimes you suddenly, unexpectedly transform into a dragon! That's always cool.
A Bald Discovery by Garig1510
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Picking up a random feather on a quiet hike in the middle of a foggy forest? Yeah, that's bound to have some feathery consequences... This has been a commission for a client over on FA, showing their character's transformation into a Bald Eagle, caused by picking up a feather! Thank you so much again for the commission! :D I really enjoyed drawing this one, and it's truly been a pleasure to work with you! More line painting, more shading, and more practice at TF, of course! Feeling more a...
Karasutengu mask TF by Kaju
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Turning Around by Fox-Fireborn
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Just turning around and seeing an ass' tail on you. Just a nice thing to see.
Tigress Crosshatching by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Now I kinda wish I had put in a Tiger Crossing sign in the margins or something. Ah well. But here's a post-tf tigress I also did on vacation. I really do need to do more crosshatching stuff. I enjoy it. (though it does kinda kill my wrists after a bit)
Wolf Moon 2020 by WhenWolvesCryOut
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A sketch done for the January full moon, also known as the Wolf Moon. Uploaded here a bit late because I was on vacation for the week, and didn't have a scanner. But I was really in the mood for big bappy pawbs this week, so I drew a bunch of them over the week.
No Trespassing [CM] by Hukeng
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Commission for Ardwin-Arache. Catboy transformation!
Headshots by KrazyIvan
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Slide show of headshots for patrons
Winter Ride by Taitora
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Christmas is already over but... why am I here...?
hop to it by Dragonwithgames
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the bunny now has a little more...horsepower to his...rather her legs now...and it ain't coming from a horse XD __ flat color commission for trickster