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Hayseed TF by Flinters
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It's tempting to stick a strand of straw in your mouth and nibble at it while you're doing chores in the yard, but be careful of what you chew. That hayseed might be enchanted...
Horsefeathers! by Ciervo
10280 views, 61 favorites, 3 comments
He didn't know quite that muscle growth would have certain side effects, like loss of toes. Sketch from a few months ago that I still quite like :)
Horse to Anthro Transformation by Ciervo
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Commission for ehh123, and I think my first complete sequence ever! Here's his description: "A person is teleporting animals both wild and domesticated to his sporting venues. These animals are physically fit and they actually like to compete against others (as opposed to doing it just for survival, mating, or when humans are forcing it upon them). As they are being teleported they are turned into anthros. This is to get everyone on a more even playing field while keeping their beneficial ani...
Maska Moreau PG by PickleJuice
10567 views, 55 favorites, 2 comments
Livestream commission. Man transforms into clydesdayley horse. See FA for adult version Will be Livestreaming 8/14/2012 at 5 pm Central Standard Time (CST: GMT -5) Current price for livestream commissions: $20/hour. Availability: See journal:
Suddenly, Werehorse by Ciervo
9308 views, 64 favorites, 6 comments
It's always disturbing to find out the stomach problems you've been having are premonitions of future equinity. Drawing from back in 2007.
PICKLEJUICE movie poster by PickleJuice
12197 views, 23 favorites, 4 comments
This features my fursona, a sloth with red scarf, green shirt, portable shirt, and nopants. He thinks he's Beetlejuice! I will be streaming live on the hypercubes tomorrow. That's June 21, 2012. 5 PM Central Standard Time. Until 9 PM. - Warning! Some adult content! Email me at if you're interested in reserving a slot. $5 10 minute challenge sketch $15 1 hour 4 slots open See my DA journal for up-to-date info on ...
Pulling His Own Weight by everruler
6 images, 29714 views, 190 favorites, 17 comments
Artwork based on story by Bob Stein Story:
Night's TF by Xids
8711 views, 74 favorites, 1 comment
Its Night-into-his-fursona! haha. Hope ya like it!
Horse by blackshirtboy
8969 views, 56 favorites, 3 comments
On a day like any other, a mall rat finds herself becoming a horse for some reason! Another quick tf I drew up a few days ago, I may colour this one in the future, but I'm trying to get past the compulsion to colour everything I do.
Neighsayer by Shiro
26338 views, 287 favorites, 11 comments
From the Transfur donation drive.