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On the steppes, women were stolen from one family and taken as brides for other families. She prayed to the sky for the strength and the ability to leave her captors. And the sky answered, although it was in quite an unusual manner.


From here on out she roamed the plains in her armor and on her stout pony and freed all the prisoners~ And she became a super hero~ But maybe she was also immortal? o__o and like was miserable because of the dichotomy of the gift the sky had given her? One freedom in exchange for another freedom. ;___;


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Love the weaved patterns on her armor.


Hrmmm, reminds me a bit of Pre Indo European (PIE) culture.


Err, proto, not pre. Steppes, horses, sky god, thieving!


Aha :D


If it were I'd think captor customs would become a woman, and the woman on horseback. chew anything for the weapons tray this last


So, wait. Did the captor become the horse? Or the captive? XD


Ah. If it were the captive TFing, it'd be a TG.


Ciervo - :D that point of question is why I don't write descriptions normally XD;;


If its she transforming it appears to be a transgender transformation as well :)


Nooo it's not TG. Why would strength and ability make her a male horse. .__. Noo.


The captor is transforming. She asked for deliverance and she was answered in that the person abducting her became a horse. Then, she rode around on the horse freeing the other women, and possibly becoming immortal. So perhaps she was sad because she was given one freedom (that of being immortal and not married) but this would also mean she watch many people die, like her friends and family.


Cayoosh: I agree, there certainly is a Proto-Indo-European (or at least Indo-Iranian) feel to it, but the exact same thing was done in Turkic and Mongolian cultures. Indeed, Genghis Khan's mother (Höelün) was kidnapped by his father (Yesügei)!


XD of course it's a fictionalized setting - but I love Genghis Khan and his lineage (recommending Morris Rossabi for the academic read and Jack Weatherford for the embellished read to anyone interested. You all should be interested).

Also the movie Mongol, which really highlights Genghis Khan's love for Börte (whom he rescued when she was kidnapped). ;__;


When was "Mongol" made? I'd be very, very interested in seeing it, even if just for Temüjin's reaction to the Merkit kidnapping Börte! I plan to eventually write an opera based on the youth of Genghis Khan.