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Such a horse by Zho
9917 views, 53 favorites, 5 comments
A horse TF as a gift for someone :D
Horse tf by Heezy
11 images, 38063 views, 157 favorites, 10 comments
I started this at least three months ago, but got caught up in other things, so after a very busy time, I finally finished. It's been awhile since I posted anything, but I'll start to do more later on.
The many transformations of Peter by KageJaganshi
28901 views, 113 favorites, 14 comments
Oh Peter and your defunked transformations. From my sereis Monkey Ghost- Peter seems to have a lot of problems with his transformations. Like randomly turning into a frog at the public pool or a sperm whale in the bath tub. Oh, not a worm, a caterpillar!
nm-horseapples by Tincrash
3 images, 24284 views, 75 favorites, 8 comments
A commission for @Zho and @Firr.
Able Horse TF by Robertge
13858 views, 42 favorites, 4 comments
Seems like a certain friend of mine got a bit too close to the stables. DOnt worry though, he'll be made into a fine horse. ;D
nm-horsetf by Tincrash
12424 views, 92 favorites, 9 comments
taurified by Skychaser
18582 views, 87 favorites, 7 comments
Never fails, go for a nice walk in the woods, turn into a centaur. Side Note: the background image is one of my own photos.
journey transf by Journey
53869 views, 386 favorites, 26 comments
forgive for not having a discription for this when I posted but I just now figured how to put one on it. Anyway this is why you don't mess with fairys
Horsehead by Faunus
12902 views, 105 favorites, 6 comments
HorseCoffee by Faunus
18279 views, 134 favorites, 7 comments
You know how it're out having coffee, and whamo! You start turning into a horse.