Horse to Anthro Transformation by Ciervo

Horse to Anthro Transformation by

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Commission for ehh123, and I think my first complete sequence ever!

Here's his description: "A person is teleporting animals both wild and domesticated to his sporting venues. These animals are physically fit and they actually like to compete against others (as opposed to doing it just for survival, mating, or when humans are forcing it upon them). As they are being teleported they are turned into anthros. This is to get everyone on a more even playing field while keeping their beneficial animal characteristics and to make them intelligent enough to understand the rules of the sports they are playing. They also gain appropriate clothing. While most animals just gain new clothing, ones like racing horses and greyhounds just modify the things they are already wearing while keeping the general look. When the anthropomorphized animals finally get there, the person explains what is going on and gives them a choice. When the games are over, they can either go back to their lives as animals or they can stay as anthros."


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certainly different


props for going the other way. Don't see many animals to human like tfs.


I'm sorry but the ripped clothes on the second page makes it look backwards.


They're not ripped clothes; they're growing ;)


dude, thank you! thank you so much!


the question i have is, where does the saddle go?


I think it's absorbed into the belt ;)


very nice and unusual piece, you don't often see feral-to-anthro... especially when the feral animal not originally being a human or anthro... and the style is amazing too! GREAT JOB!