Red Vixens from Outer Space by Halcyon

Red Vixens from Outer Space by

Date: 7/31/2020 Views: 8688 Favorites: 90 Comments: 1

Gender Change - Female to Male

I had a lot of fun emulating a cheezy movie poster. I'd like to paint more of these in the future. I actually drew this at standard movie poster resolution had this printed out. It turned out really nice.


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Very nice indeed, I'd like to see more of these.

SPUNKY GIRL REPORTER: "Hold the front page, Grant! I've got a scoop that-- AAUGH!" (IS TRANSFORMED)

SQUARE-JAWED SCIENTIST: "Of course! We can use the pheromones from Earth foxes to-- AAUGH!" (IS TRANSFORMED)


CRISWELL: "Transformations such as these will transform us in the future. We are all interested in transformation, for that is how you and I will spend the rest of our AAUGH" (T'FORMED)

I remember this one playing on the Channel 44 Creature Feature, in my mind. There was this one skit where the host, Dr. Paul Bearer, used some kind of gadget to transform the viewers. I don't quite recall how it AAUGH (VAVOOMED)