Freelance Illustrator, mostly working digitally/ I like drawing cute things, but also some NSFW


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Open for new commissions

I take commissions either through https://artconomy.com/store/Halcyon


Or by email at haley.halcyon.arts@gmail.com if paypal is easier for you.

Keep in mind that just because I don't have have some theme in my gallery doesn't mean I won't draw it. At this point the only thing I won't draw is feces. I'm up to try new themes all the time. Not everything I do has to fall into transformation or furry. I do plenty of roleplaying character designs too. Stuff for Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, etc...

All commissioned images may be displayed on either FurAffinity and/or DeviantArt after completion, unless otherwise requested by the paying client or I, the artist, doesn't want to display the image for some reason.


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