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[c] Moonlit Madness - ANIMATED by Recurrent
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A collab custom animation commission for StevieMaxwell. Collab with NekoGato I did the line art and the background NekoGato did the color
Red Vixens from Outer Space by Halcyon
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I had a lot of fun emulating a cheezy movie poster. I'd like to paint more of these in the future. I actually drew this at standard movie poster resolution had this printed out. It turned out really nice.
Data overwrite by Danwolf
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I've been working on this between comissions, Did I tell you guys that I am also a big fan of Renamon ? :3 Soo much soo that I tried on a pair of her gloves. What is it ? My fur looks more yellow that usual ? Don't be silly It was always like that...? What my voice sounds different ? You're talking nonsense. Come think of it I should pick up a new pair of these,this pair is getting old. *Renamon shurgs and walks off*
(Reuploaded + Old) The Date Sequence (2011) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this is an old sequence I made back in 2011. This was around the time where I got lazy with colouring. This was requested by V8Arwing67 on Deviantart where he transforms into a werefox in front of his girlfriend. Done with pencil first, then put everything together on Photofiltre and GIMP with a mouse.
Cookies by WhenWolvesCryOut
3946 views, 45 favorites, 3 comments
Felt like doodling a simple sequence. In my simpler style I haven't used much recently.
Streeetching by Fox-Fireborn
1228 views, 12 favorites, 0 comments
The best thing to do every morning to get your TF game on!
Kitsune Tsuki - Tails TF for FoxLightning by Sonicspirit
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Here's a Tails TF commissioned by FoxLightning, who wanted a possession TF of himself to Tails! And whattaya know, kitsune possessing people is just A Thing in the lore, so I got a nifty name for the TF outta it! I have a hard time thinking of Tails malevolently possessing someone, but temporarily doing it because he temporarily didn't have a body, and inventing something to get them both some bodies back...THAT sounds like a Tails thing! I have a Patreon, now! Join up to see pages early! - h...
Sketch - trials of fantasy times by MaLAguA
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This piece was in my patreon for about 2 weeks and was hoping to keep it there for a couple more days, but given. Sorry to my patrons, I'll be trying to think something to offset this. Though it's been tough busy times >>. This is a small sketch I did based on a pose and expanded it to add context to it. Let me now what you think and if you'd like to see this colored or this as the start of a new series. ** usual disclaimer If you like my art and/or writing, feel free to support me at ...
more cunning on fours by Dragonwithgames
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to outwit sometimes you just have to be cunning like a fox...even if you have to turn into one... ___ critiques welcome
Whoops, Feeling Foxy by Sonicspirit
3027 views, 29 favorites, 1 comment
A wild TF approaches! Oh wow! My Patreon: