equine sm by Corvidima

equine sm by

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Ripped Clothing

[Equine TF - Cancer Fund] The stable boy felt awful...absolutely wretched. If only he had gotten to the foal faster, there would have been something...anything...but it was too late. He watched as the mare whickered, shifting her weight from hoof to hoof, mourning her loss. "I wish there was something I could do...I'd do anything to make it up to you...anything at all"


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I always like it when artists include a story with their artwork. Great style in the picture. The only thing a little bit off to me is the tail. Horse tails are usually free flowing hair connected to the back. Other then that I really like the use of lighting around the edges. Looking forward to more


Kennus: depends on the horse - I've seen both the super short tail with long hair, as well as a longer tail with long hair; although I think you're right on here - it was supposed to be into a draft horse, and I think I gave it an arabian tail >.< Ahh well - it's hard to find reference butt shots of young clydesdales ;)


well he's still transforming. <.< I...guess..I wouldn't pay much attention to the tail..>.> Or my cousin Vinnie might have something to say about it. n.n


Excellent work! (Though, if he's turning into a foal, he'd have much shorter mane & tail hair...) 7@=e


Beautiful color work here - the scene is very vibrant and alive - you create a sense of energy without making the transformation fearful.


Solid piece of work :)


Nice work and a good short story of how and why, please do more of this, add a sequel


Hmm...rather vague on what became of the foal. Did it die of sickness or something? :/


Aww, he looks so happy