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Chibi Commission - NightDonk by Demyxia
13495 views, 61 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for nightfirer of himself enduring an experiment by Silao (I believe) the donkey doc and being turned into a feral donkey~
Better Reception by Niche
7570 views, 58 favorites, 0 comments
Gift for Shadowfox
Testing Phase by Demyxia
12587 views, 59 favorites, 4 comments
Initial tests were successful, the serum has taken well to the test subject. His highness will be pleased with the results, I'm certain. Commission for @Niche of them being experimented on and turned into a Mantis Shrimp monster via my Scientist, Savato
ADF TF Commission by Ykoriana
15582 views, 96 favorites, 1 comment
Digital shaded sketch for ADF. This is his description of the scene: "Two female test subjects lay in beds. The room like a hospital environment only the door to the room is like a prison, guards able to look through a slot to check on the patients. To the left is someone on their way to becoming a giraffe. Hooves instead of hands indicate their transformation has no intent on leaving any humanity behind. Her long hind legs cover the length of the bed she's sitting on. Her upper body su...
Experimental costumes by Demyxia
9605 views, 61 favorites, 4 comments
Chibi commission for FA of my doctor turning someone into a bat for Halloween
Some Repairs Needed by Daniel-kay
19634 views, 80 favorites, 4 comments
"Oh erm hi mom, you're a bit early... I can explain..." Mastering the art of Transformation technology can be a bit tricky at times, but hey, live and learn... and use better grade materials next time
Mustelid Machine by Weazel75
6201 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
Here, I guess...
Crazy Husky Rat by Kresblain
6132 views, 19 favorites, 1 comment
Faust gets a ratty appetite and more. Commission for Crazy Husky on FA.
[Comm] Experimental Organic Corruption Recombination Ray by K-Libra
6585 views, 15 favorites, 2 comments
Sketch commission for Siggy in collaboration with Pyke for the idea to try this. Yes... this happened. A rocket shark.
The Lady of the Swamp by Lucern7
5 images, 18040 views, 64 favorites, 7 comments
A livestream sketch commission from Ehh123 that involves a feral alligator gaining a more humanoid body and sapience. Lucky her!