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Cyrin's fishy predicament by Zho
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A commission on FA - @Cyrin the dolphin is experimented on and turned into a spiky fish.
horsetfinthechair by Tincrash
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Adopt Me copy by Wrathofautumn
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Animal-Human Relations & Rehabilation Corporation is a non-profit, underground organization of genetic scientists who ignore the morals and laws set by politics and religious communities. They help find new homes for animals that need them while making humans who are cruel to them more understanding in an abstract style of permanent role reversal. This one's head appears to have gone off the deep end.
page by Angrboda
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Two page inked commish for @thistle. Boy > golden retriever girl.
Experiment e by Edmol
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This is a new translation from SC.
Heythis-was-the-bath by Lquiroz
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This woman is being transformed with in the camber to a Naga
Rabbit-Valerie-part- by Shiro
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Valerie is involved in a Experiment regarding the DNA of the rabbit in the tube next to her. The product solution pours over her, and she takes on wererabbit traits, not unlike her lapine friend in the other tube...
ResultsInconclusive by CaliforniaKitFox
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Results Inconclusive.
leona by KelvinTheLion
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A girl named Leona Transit (cheesy name, I know.) gets ready for her transformation. Wish her luck. The sprouting of the tail is my favorite part of transformation. I wonder how it feels for her.
pig Transformation by SolidAsp
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This pic was a commission for great person by the name of CrimzonSky.