Exactly As Ordered by DstRoy

Exactly As Ordered by

Date: 5/24/2016 Views: 15231 Favorites: 125 Comments: 5

Gender Change - Male to Female
Ripped Clothing

At least your glasses are safe!

This is a request done for the awesome and patient JadeMoontail. I took so long darwing this... Yes, this as well. :I I'm a lazy artist.. v_v

But I think it turned out rather nice in the end, and this is the first ever try on gender transformation as well :D

I wonder where she got that vial. And that app.


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I like this dragoness that is coming now x3 and more like i would like to order that vial too x3 (or potion XD) and be a sexy busty dragoness too o3o (both genders if possible :3). Btw, like your drawings o3o keep going^^ (if you can x3)


Why, thank you! :3 And I have no clue where to get that vial, maybe some blackmarket or something? :o

Also, thank you very much, I'll keep going for sure! ^^


Yw :D and so x3 coz i like good tf's and stuff x3 herms aswell o3o well, i guess that may some labs has that^^" but a blackmarket is 50:50 xD (because they possibly sell like things that aren't potions but something organic^^" *no plants :P, meat*. But possibly would be awesome x3


Yeaah, blackmarket has it's dangers XD Maybe stick with the proper labs :D Not the corrupted labs tho, because they might be as dangerous as blackmarket :P


hehe x3 but may would be fun too^^