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[p] A Warm Fur Coat by Recurrent
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A fun little mini comic that I put together with some help from my husband, Orion who helped with the photography and was a great hand model/TF Victim. Kinda my first transformation photo manip too, I think it turned out alright at least.
[p] Riley under the Moon - ANIMATED by Recurrent
2148 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
At long last I have competed my very own animated TF icon :D *confetti* Enjoy the glory that is werewolf Riley. Nekogato helped out a bit with the base color on this one to make things go a little faster too. All sketch, lines, background and detail work is done by myself.
($) SheHulk Me (2016) by Adaru32
1625 views, 5 favorites, 0 comments
As the title states, this was a piece I made in 2016. This was commissioned by Ashestorainbows on Deviantart (Who no longer has an account on there anymore) of me transforming into a Shehulk (The person's choice, not mine). Done on Sai with a mouse.
($) Dino Dragoniade (2016) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this was a piece I made in 2016. This was commissioned by Dragoniade on Deviantart and Fur Affinity of himself transforming into a T-rex. Done on Sai with a mouse.
Greedy dragon by Danwolf
2076 views, 23 favorites, 2 comments
Comission for Digitalpotato Greedy dragon doesn't lets you touch his defineletely NOT cursed treasure UwU
Chase Camel by ChaseTheFox
1071 views, 9 favorites, 1 comment
When you're in the desert, you gotta do as they do.
Forced T-Rex Shapeshift by ChaseTheFox
1427 views, 9 favorites, 2 comments
They tried to force me to shapeshift into a primordial dragon. It didn't quite turn out how they wanted...
Don't Eat the Cheese! by ChaseTheFox
1341 views, 10 favorites, 1 comment
I guess I should've listened. :x
Circus Assistant by Zilepo
2063 views, 10 favorites, 2 comments
In my defense, the job posting was for a circus assistant. Sure, maybe the flyer was a little suspect - it didn't say anything about payment rates or length of contract, but it did offer not only room and board but 'unique, valuable experience'. So I'd shown up at the interview thinking they'd have some sort of normal one on one chat. Instead, I was told I was going to have to 'perform' on stage for the interviewer, and they offered me some peanuts. Again, maybe I should have thought it ov...
Issues Of Lab Volunteering by KrazyKurt
3237 views, 33 favorites, 1 comment
Laboratory tests are almost safe, but always something can go wrong. Apparently testing is going according to plan this time. And for a volunteer who clearly did not expect consequences after researching an unknown substance...