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Bun's in the Oven by Mxmaramoose
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Looks like those cravings Bluedraconic was feeling meant he had a couple of Bun's in the Oven! And just in time for the Year of the Rabbit too! #TFTuesday
Instant Freyja Cosplay by Mxmaramoose
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Oh wow, OldiBlogg Scored this super sweet Freyja Cosplay and all it took was one search for sketchy cursed prop replicas on the web!! #TFEveryday
Commission: Draconic Vapors by Lucern7
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A Commission from PoisonTrail on FA of himself transforming into his dragon form via magic vapors. If you're interested in something similar I have 2 types of commissions available. Message me for more info
A Firey Steed by Mxmaramoose
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Wot in Tarnation!? Seems like Flyboyy 's cowboy OC is having a bit of a fiery start to his day #TFEveryday
Rat snack by Danwolf
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Comission blacktolfgan Look, they have a new friend they can share their cheese with ! Soo nice <3
Squeaky Lucario by Danwolf
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I'm not into inflatable transformations that much, I like them irl, they are cute and fun to play with. (I have a gigantic inflatable burger I bring to Furry cons) BUT I've seen these inflatables with the dumb permanent smiles on FA and well...I like something in those. Probably the forced big smile. Soo here, Dan turning into a squeaky Lucario drone <3
a Greavard-ous Error by Mxmaramoose
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UH OH! looks like ArzureBunny has made a Greavard-ous error staying out late at night in Paldea! Better get used to it ^^ #TFEveryday
Sylveon! by Daze
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Sylveon tf trade for BronyTwin02 on Twitter!
Goooood(ra) time by Daze
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Goodra tf trade for moltingscales on Twitter!
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Rabbit tf! Trade for NoxiousProphet on twitter