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Pokemon Reality Rip by Mxmaramoose
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Sometimes... you really just want to get back to your childhood. what would you do if you suddenly found yourself 10 yrs old again and on the Pokémon journey you always dreamed about? Second Pic: just wanted to do a small continuation of my Pokemon Reality Rip pic! I figure that if I got to be a 10 year old again and a Pokémon trainer to boot Id be a feral gremlin child. After all I no longer have a bunch of adult responsibilities to deal with! so why not become a wild child who camps ou...
Fox TF (ANIM) - Making Cereal by Drigil
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Animated a little fox transformation that occurs during a young boy's breakfast routine with 566 frames of colored animated glorious. Hope you enjoy! EDIT: Some of you didn't like how he still had a human arm at the end of it. This has been remedied. Also, some folks are disappointed that the Tf didn't finish on camera. I tried to remedy this, but I wasn't given permission.
Animated-Raccoontf-Stayinguplate-Colored by Drigil
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Colored in one of my prior animations and added a couple extra parts. Really makes it pop. ... at least, however you want to take the context of it. Edit: Colored it more.
Headshot Commission: Queenly Vectors by Lucern7
1536 views, 15 favorites, 3 comments
An old Commission from my Missingno account. VectorDragon(FA) was asked to show off his dragon form, but accidentally shifts into her Nidoqueen form instead, which works just as well. Similar Commissions available! Contact via DM or fill out my inquiry form:
TMNT Group TF Small by Recurrent
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A large TMNT Teamed Group TF for Pheagle, Leosabre, Zak Bernhard, DiesVolt, AngstSkunk, DigitalPotato, SirgeTheStar, Masked Mask, TimidTanuki, and TF-and-swaps-pls ----- Would you like to get a HiRes version of this piece and more? Consider supporting me on Patreon for as low as $1 a month. Find me on other sites
Drum Bunker Dragon goo TF by Kaju
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big size :
Headshot Commission: Might as well Yeen by Lucern7
2600 views, 17 favorites, 1 comment
Another old commission from my MistressMissingno account from ForNorami(on DA) having another strange reaction. This time at least his hat still fits. Similar Coms Available for $75 (DM Open Too!): Patreon:
Post Doll TF Doodles by Mxmaramoose
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Did some more Doll doodles! Specifically I wanted to explore some more physical aspects of transforming into a BJD, namely that you no longer need food and that if you want to change your make up you need to completely redo your face up! #TFEveryday 3rd pic edit: bit of a throw back but I wanted to share a lil doodle I did of my BJD-sona enjoying their new form and playing around with some fantasy parts. BJD-sona gets to be a little vain... as a treat (* ̄3 ̄)╭
Battify! by Mxmaramoose
3417 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
Morghus found a pretty awesome bat kigu on sale! unfortunately he didn't read the tags properly though and activated the Curse(tm). Happy TF tuseday!
Headshot Commission: Growing Vile by Lucern7
1643 views, 11 favorites, 0 comments
An old commission from my "MistressMissingno" account of ShadowFox014 on FA into a Grovile from Pokemon. If Interested I am open for Similar Commissions at the moment. Check out the forms here: Sketch Commission Form: Headshot Commission Form: