CMSN: Society's Seal of Approval by wrenzephyr2

CMSN: Society's Seal of Approval by

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Forced Transformation

Serena grumbled as she stood in front of the Head of the Society. Once more, she has found herself being reprimanded for her behavior. She rubbed her arm softly, wincing at the squeak of rubber on rubber coming from the suit she was being forced to wear. She crossed her arms more tightly to try and avoid more of the sound, but every tiny movement made a lewd squeak. She wasn't aware the Head was into this sort of Rubber/Latex kink, but perhaps if she played along a bit she could reduce her sentence to this tight, clingy Hell.

"Now, on your knees," the Head said dismissively as he pointed to the ground in front of Serena. She looked at him confused at first, but a wry smile slipped over her face. She complied, making sure to take extra time to bend and writhe, exaggerating the constriction of her outfit. The Head didn't seem to notice as he wrote a few notes on his desk. He finally turned to her, "Now then, speak," he commanded once more.

Pet Play AND the latex? Well, she had certainly done crazier. She opened her mouth to let out a canine woof but, "ORT!" she startled herself, coughing to try and clear her throat but, "ORT ORT!" Again her voice didn't comply to her whims. What was going on? She rubbed her throat, it felt... oddly thicker? And she was having trouble feeling her fingers in the- "ORT!!" she clapped her gloved hands together as she curved her back further than she thought she could. She tried to speak, to demand some answers, but only more claps and seal barking spilled out. She stared up at the Society Head, his eyes had turned yellow as he stared back. The eyes drew Serena deeper, her pupils began to dilate as her irises grew. The sense that something was wrong began to spill out of her mind.

She was so entranced, she didn't notice that she couldn't move her legs anymore, in fact they were pressed together so hard she could tell where one ended and the other began. Her barks continued to echo in the stone chamber, her thoughts racing yet finding no purchase in her deluded mind. Thoughts, Memories, she felt them slipping away more and more as the strange sensation in her legs spread up her body.

"Curse of the Selkie," the Master spoke but the seal... but Serena couldn't understand. She felt the cold stone floor against her flippers and sniffed the air, where was she? "Do not fear, you'll be relocated to the menagerie soon," the Master spoke again, but the seal still understood nothing. The door opened, something walked in, and the seal felt herself get picked up. The Master spoke more words and she was taken away.

The Head of the Society sighed, "Maybe THIS time she'll learn her lesson..." he spoke to the empty room with little confidence.

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