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Quit Fighting Like Dogs. by DogTFFan23
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Or you can be dogs for real!
White Rabbit by Mxmaramoose
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Uh Oh! looks like I was too late getting to the Red Queens throne room...Guess I'm a permanent resident of Wonderland now! Happy TF Tuseday!
Harley's barking mad revenge part 8 by DogTFFan23
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Harley wondered what breed of dog her pudding would turn into. Any complaints Joker tried to make now were drowned by barks. Joker fought to keep his tongue in his mouth where it belonged. "come on pudding just let your tongue out, I don't see any point in fighting it when your gonna be a dog anyway." No, no don-don't, fight it fight it you idiot don't become a dog like she wants Joker grabbed a hold of the tongue with one hand and tried in vain to shove it back into his mouth ...
Harley's barking mad revenge part 7 by DogTFFan23
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Feeling something wrong with his skin Joker's attention focused then at the surfaces of his hands. it was so itchy there. As though millions of tiny insects were crawling under there just beneath, biting and nipping his tender flesh under the soft fabric of his gloves. Tearing them off quickly he found the source of the unbearable itchiness, copious amounts of bristly white hairs, protruding from the pores of his skin. Any other person would freak out at this sight. The Joker however...
Harley's barking mad revenge part 6 by DogTFFan23
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"What the hell did I do that for?" Joker questioned himself as he could see now he was sitting on the floor with his hands splayed out in front of him. More then anything he resembled a dog that had just been given a command. "This is not funny". Harley Quinn smiled with overwhelming delight. The man she had put up with for many many years had just obeyed her for once instead of the other way around. "Uh oh guess who's in the dog house now heh heh". Jokers could not fin...
Harley's barking mad revenge part 5 by DogTFFan23
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"And just what makes you think your going to do that hmm?, I can't see you being able to give birth to your own stinking mutt". "Oh I can show you.. Right now!," Harley Quinn then pulled out from behind her what seemed to be a grey and purple Ray gun. Joker did not even flinch. "Oh so that's it your going to put a bullet in my brain and then replace me with a flea bitten cur That's lame even for you". "Well.. not exactly Mister J, this is a different kind of gun to the lethal...
Harley's barking mad revenge part 4 by DogTFFan23
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"Ready for me to do another round of practise beatings on your small face my dear?,." "No but I do need to tell you something Mister J". Joker folded his arms across his chest he could not believe Harley had recovered so fast from all the punches she endured from him. "Whatever it is I don't care one bit Harley now stick your head up so I can deliver a real good one to your neck I might even paralyse it if I get lucky. "You can do whatever you want to me if you just let me h...
Harley's barking mad revenge part 3 by DogTFFan23
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"Oh Harley do you realize how gutless you just sounded, every time I've slapped you about you've said that kind of rot and yet despite that what do you do?, you come crawling back to me every single time begging for my love and forgiveness". To Harley those words were likened to utensils being scraped on a ceramic plate. scratchy and ear splitting. "Well.. Not this time I won't!". With a grunt Harley turned tail and ran into her room, slamming and locking the door behind her to ke...
Harley's barking mad revenge Part 2 by DogTFFan23
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A tiny squeak came from Harley's throat. "I'm- I'm sorry, I made an honest mistake please calm down pudding." Harley Quinn begged, wide eyed and sweating profusely. Joker's blazing green eyes were locked onto her like a loaded up tommy gun about ready to fire out dozens of lethal bullets Harley knew Joker could do way more then just give her a mere spanking he could very well murder her senselessly if he chose to and there was even a chance it could happen today. "Pudding please there...
Barking mad vengeance part 1 by DogTFFan23
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Harley has had it up to here with Joker treating her like his own personal punching bag and takes her revenge in a unexpected way.. but things take a unexpected funny turn. "Oh Harley would you be a dear and pass me the mini hand grenade launcher I'm gonna blast this suckers head clean off of his shoulders heh". "Sure thing pudding, I could've sworn you said earlier that you've killed enough people already tonight remember when you blew up that soccer stadium full of people just ...