NOW, who's a good boy?! by Wildkatt

NOW, who's a good boy?! by

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Forced Transformation
Ripped Clothing

Luke was a serial flirt and it drove his girlfriend Jenna crazy. Even though Jenna was pretty sure he had never actually cheated on her she wanted to be the centre of his attention. His world.

Sure, there are lots of ways to attract a guys attention, however a magic collar is a very quick fix for a jealous girl-friend. So after a dinner date gone amuck, where Jenna watched Luke's eyes wander all night she asked him back to her place for a drink. While he was helping himself to a beer in the refrigerator, she slipped the collar around his neck and secured the clasp.

Luke shocked by the electrifying sensation over taking his body fell to the floor. "What did you do?" he whimpered. Jenna watched his body contort as it prepared to accept his new canine form. Luke felt his ears pull upward as they started to grow out. The weight became too much very quickly and they flopped over. He arched and twisted as his spine extended into a tail, pressing out of his backside, ripping his jeans and locking his hips into their new quadruped position with a loud pop that caused the man to howl out.

"I'm tired of you not paying attention to me Luke! But I have your attention now, don't I? You will be here for me all the time now. You may actually be happy to spend time with me when this is over." she boasted as his feet ripped through his socks, lengthening as his calves shortened. He struggled to get his foreign feeling limbs underneath himself as he tried to push himself off the floor with his arms but another loud pop, this time from his shoulders, drove him back to the ground hard causing him to hit his face on the linoleum. Pain radiated from his face but it was hard to determine if the pain was the fall or the muzzle that had started to press out of his face.

"Grrr...your a bitcccch!" he growled as he fought the pain in his face as his jaw and rapidly darkening nose pressed forward. "You...can't..dorrrrrrrooo thissssssss..." as he struggled to make his floppy tongue and restructuring vocal cords make words, but he was hardly understandable now.

As muddled as Luke's last words were, Jenna knew what he had said and with that she gleamed "Maybe but you are the one turning into a dog, Luke. So, the question is now, are you going to be a good boy?" and when Jenna posed the question the paw print on the collar lit up with a flash of green and Luke's eyes glassed over and his struggles against his changing body stopped. His arms continued to shorten but he no longer cared. His front paws formed and his fur filled in quickly. His tongue rolled out of his mouth while he happily panted as the rest of the changes finished.

Jenna walked over and scratched his ears and he looked at her with a loving stare, that a dog will only give their master. The person that is most important to them. Their world.

"Now, that's better..." she gleamed.


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Lovely story ^-^


Thank you :)


Wow amazing story and artwork