Long Stretch by Wereskunk

Long Stretch by

Date: 9/24/2021 Views: 4598 Favorites: 34 Comments: 0


Woke up with my back hurting so decided to stretch, I stretched so good I heard a pop then another. In fact my body grew longer. I had to move more higher on my bed to accommodate my longer body. My longer body was slowly losing and human shape it once held…well actually everything belong my waist. My upper body stayed human like minus my face now had a muzzle and my ears were on top of my head and pointy.

I was furry. I heard another pop as something tore through my briefs. A tail? Yes a tail that was just as fluffy if not more than my entire body. It wasn’t without pain. In fact through the whole thing my back pain increased the transformation only made me want to try and stretch more.

I looked at my new body. Half human like and half feral like but larger to better fit a human torso. “I need a massage” I said to myself. “It really expensive one at that”

(Background is closest I can get to my bedroom set up)