Propaganda Poster - Housewife by Squeakycanine

Propaganda Poster - Housewife by

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Forced Transformation
Propaganda Poster

One of the many anti-toon posters released over the decades to prevent toonification among citizens.

In this classic picture, an angry house wife finds herself aghast she's become a horsewife, as her husband's drinking habits seem to include taking liquors that have Ink within.

Ink that nefarious substance that can over time change even the hardiest human into a rubber hosed toon.

The poster hints that the husband still has at least a small chance of recovery, as given the two stripes on the back of his gloves, it'll take days to recover from his equine shape, but he isn't permanently lost to the inky sauce.

Humans Against Toon Encouragement would see several posters released through the years until finally Ink was no longer classified as an illegal substance, but rather a toxic one. Harmful if ingested, but no more regulated than that of a poisonous plant, as it was naturally occurring within the biology of toons.

This was subsequently allowed after a harrowing testimony from Jumbo the Crying Elephant who gave a two hour speech on how it was wrong to outlaw what he couldn't control. His testimony caused much alarm as there was substantial concern for the contagious nature of his rather heavy / flood like tears, but thanks to the aide of a toon fire brigade turning their equipment on reverse, the testimony went without a hitch.

Pinnacle Peaks would see a wide variety of bars offering a dip for the humans that wanted to test their mettle, but the strain real or imagined felt on the social structure from families facing a loved one becoming less human and more cartoonish cannot be overstated.