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Propaganda Poster - Housewife by Squeakycanine
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One of the many anti-toon posters released over the decades to prevent toonification among citizens. In this classic picture, an angry house wife finds herself aghast she's become a horsewife, as her husband's drinking habits seem to include taking liquors that have Ink within. Ink that nefarious substance that can over time change even the hardiest human into a rubber hosed toon. The poster hints that the husband still has at least a small chance of recovery, as given the two stripes o...
Angels Share by Comic
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Fill yourself with a good scotch and all of a sudden you feel a little fuzzy. Before you know it you can't even manage to hold the glass and fall asleep right there on the counter. Poor girl. Bit too much of the amber gold. This was one of my challenges. From idea to finished inks get a page drawn in a day.
Bear Back Brawl by Comic
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Commission for Truttle over at FA. I seemed to have developed a slight reputation of tf as a form of empowerment. Has someone wronged you recently? Just turn into something with teeth and maul them.
Braying Brew by Kitsunefan
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Its that island again
Lostcat Donkey by Kitsunefan
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Commission for Lostcat, him and a friend drinking some and whattaya know they are donkies
St Bernard by Edthebordercollie
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What's in thhis stuff?