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nightwuff by Silver557
13833 views, 83 favorites, 5 comments
Gettin' in the groove :). Forgive the sheer darkness of it, had a run-in with photoshop's color profiles.
Cursed - Colored by Silver557
14850 views, 52 favorites, 5 comments
Ok, I was bland. THIS is old. Very, very old. Still used a mouse back then. '-'
nightofthecursed by Silver557
9391 views, 63 favorites, 5 comments
Oldie. FOund going through my hard drive. Werewuff n' his meal that's supposed to be a person. <.<
changeIII by Silver557
12006 views, 86 favorites, 7 comments
'Nother one. Mainly practicing fur and crazy coloring, while talking to a certain person. xD. Who ever said everyone has to get scred/crazy/mad after changing? >:3
Change II by Silver557
11739 views, 108 favorites, 14 comments
Second random change thinger. Once again, tried a different coloring...with a sucky anatomy, woot. At least it was fast, about an hour. ...I need to draw more mid-tfs. lol
Change I by Silver557
24621 views, 296 favorites, 28 comments
Pretty fast thinger done today. I was itching to do a vixen. And I'm still practicing this weird coloring. <.<
A Helping Hand -colorz by Silver557
15501 views, 164 favorites, 15 comments
Colored version of a lineart. Experimented aloooot with this...and for that reason, it may look...well, odd. It's also a rather large image size...meep. :\
Enjoying the Sights by Silver557
16925 views, 140 favorites, 10 comments
A certain girl strolling around a snowy landscape feels more attached to it than, I suck with colored pencils. Especially stupid brands found down here ><.
Boring Classes by Silver557
23308 views, 204 favorites, 14 comments
Erk. This is what comes from being bored at 2am. Practice, practice...idea evolded a bit from one of Darius' inspirational stories. XD
Thank you for the Change by Silver557
14229 views, 162 favorites, 8 comments
Forgot to upload this one, meep. Character of a story, starting a different life ;). Vixens are so fun to draw :3