Two Faced by Wrathofautumn

Two Faced by

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There are two sides of me I've come to notice. There's one part of me that's the modest, nice and generally good mannered person. But I do have a dark side, one that's spiteful, begrudging, selfish, hateful, morbid, and has a taste for blood, to a degree. It comes out a little in my sarcasm and wisecracking, along with my desire for WORLD DOMINATION! I may be non violent, but I'm really just holding back. If I go all out, I'm afraid I'll do something I'll regret. I might go berserk and go too far.


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Join the club. I think everyone is like that on some level... heck, even if not, you have a kindred spirit here, at least. =P


You're crazy. lol


Everyone is like that, well most. But I find writing about it pretentious. Makes you... less mysterious and more cliche.


WORLD DOMINATION! You're going to have to fight with me in order to get it.


TheAppleFreak: Sorry, I already have it.


I like the slight tilt on the glasses! Very nice touch! Good work!


world domination eh? well... if you know who i am you'll stay away from that. What? are you dense>? are you retarded or something? Don't you know who i am? I'm the goddamn BATMAN!


pete got it in one.


Auhh! But which one is the Dark side?


Your dark side is cute ;3


Mm, it's not cliche' as long as you don't harp about it, I think. Besides, the dark side can be a useful side too, in the right circumstances x3. That said, you look like you're about to crack in this pic, Wrath. ^_^


I'm sorry, Vulpin, but it's just how I see it. Dark sides, inner conflicts, controlling it, it's been done many times in movies, books and music that in order for me to believe or get interested it will require a little less flat out symbolism in the drawing and writing. This certainly doesn't mean that anything should be changed, I'm just using this comment feature to give my thoughts.