Prison of Souls by Wrathofautumn

Prison of Souls by

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Holy crap! I forgot I had this one! O: Anyway, this is an inanimate tf in a sense. A girl finds a doll she really liked, but was unable to foresee it's purpose. Now she is trapped in it forever.


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I fell realy sorry for her... but i like the picture the tears are great(likes crying ^^)


This would make an excellent sequence.


There are many horror stories in this area. One is a father finds a doll for his little girl from a street vendor and that night when he arrives home he places the doll next to his sleeping daughter. In the morning he discovers that his daughter is gone and in her place is another doll next to the doll that has the resemblence of his daughter but with a crystal tear on its face.


i find this really sad, almost makes me cry


Awww... how sad. Then again I'm a sap for happy endings and stuff. Ah well. Pretty nice, simple, yet means so much. o.o


Jesus Christ! This is stupid! There is NO TF involved with this image at all. You just drew a dumb doll and added emo text to it! Damn it, SC, this site is going to hell.


dragon-girl: it's been 14 years and this still may be one of the worst comments on transfur. I hope the person you are now is more mature than you were when you made this comment just to ruin someone's day.


Dragon-Girl: You don't know that for certain. Actually, I have a story for it, but it's far too long to fit into the description for the picture here. I decided to give the highlights instead.


post it somewhere


I don't mean to come off as an asshole, but do you do non-fox stuff at all?


Terminatorfan: Yeah, that's a great idea, but where to, though? o.o and Procyonidae: XD! Yes, it does seem I do a lot of fox stuff doesn't it? Relax, though. I do happen to do a lot more species besides fox and canine. Only problem is I don't have enough practice. A lot of the picture you've been seeing that have been seeing are usually pics I do for fun...which mainly revolves around fox tfs. XP If you really do want to see stuff besides boring foxes, please feel free to send me a request, art trade or comission about it! I'd be more than happy to accept a good challenge. :D Actually I had thoughts about a jabberwock tf!


pictures* >< Damnit, pardon my mispelling.


Why don't you post it on your DA page?


Geez, it's not like he just took any old pic of a plush and said it was a transformation pic. That is clearly a post-plushification pic, and not some crappy 'taken out of context' captioned image. Nice pic! Creepy though. ^.^;;


Couldn't agree more with Dragon Girl...


Muahahahahaha! Yes, you're right! You're all actually in HELL! Now set yourselves on FIRE, SUCKAS!


More TF and story would've been nice


Hmmm...well, I suppose I could post it here. A child looked into the store window and found the one doll she wanted. She begged her mother again and again for it, but her mother said perhaps later. So when she wasn't looking, the child snuck away to the store and clutched the doll tightly. When she did...the doll's eyes glowed alive, the stitches for a mouth twisting into an eerie smile. It's mouth opened wide...and she was gone. Hours later, the clerk arrives to see one of his special dolls on the floor and, with a grimace on his face picked up the new doll and put it into the storage closet that says "Dolls not for sale". The little girl was declared missing. They searched everywhere, they cried...but life went on. Business at the doll shop continued as usual. But people say that from behind the closet door, if one listens closely, they can hear the cries of children pleading to be let go.


*sigh* make it into a sequence or something. This is not TF.


god, stop complaining


Personally, when I see a picture on transfur that doesn't fit my standards and needs, I kill myself. If I have to glance at an oh my god post-transformation pic for a split second LIFE STOPS BEING WORTHWHILE. Then I die. In. A. Fire.


So sad...


Chill, dudes, he has a backstory... somewhere, so chill it.


Unable to move AT ALL? Unable to interact with the universe AT ALL? You know seeing this picture really strips away the romance of the whole 'inanimate TF' into something without the sugar coating.


Fask:This obviously fit your standards,as you were still alive to post it. Dragon-Girl:Seriously,chill. Nobody likes anyone acting like a total douche.


"I have no mouth, and I must scream."


You certainly have a talent for using parts of TF most people dare not, for fear of crossing some unknown line.

I may be in the minority on this, but I think this is great. The picture has a lot of gravity to it, and the story you described in an earlier comment sounds somewhat like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale; there's really nothing wrong with it either way.

Personally, I think this site has a bias against post-TF artwork. Every such picture I've seen here has had at least two comments complaining about a lack of apparent TFing; why they complain, though, I can only guess at.

In short: don't worry about them, Wrath. You did a good job here.


hmmmm i dont give a fuck if you want to see mama you stufed fuckhole ps. just joking im not that cruel



all you peeps need to get your jimmies unrustled and chill the fuck out.