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Date: 9/9/2007 Views: 12277 Favorites: 39 Comments: 6


This is more of a positive image of the stuff I've posted earlier. If you had one wish, what would you wish for? :P Me, I'd love to be a super smart fox, and have some random guy as my puppet. >:3 Then I'd begin my plans of WORLD DOMINATION!


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1 wish...hmm, well i been dreaming since i was so little that i would be a Anthro Raptor *not elf type -_-*. and be free.Free..this is a Great picture! Goodjob,nice wish too :D.


why don't you wish directly for world domination, then? :D


Man, thats crazy - I had that exact same wish and I'm also called steve...O_o Are you the fox thats controlling my mind, or is it vice versa?? :D


What he didnt count on was the shortened life expectancy...


Me ? I would wish I could play god! Because I want to make people a little more Interesting.....


I would wish to be preset much a kitsune 10 tails