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Date: 6/17/2005 Views: 30530 Favorites: 88 Comments: 18

Cursed Location

The warning on the door to the tomb read, 'Cursed be he who disturbs the shiny objects of the Ferret God-Emperor, immortal Phuzzi-Ra.'


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I like it. I like it a lot.


Very very nice. I want to see what happens next though. Will he be morphic, or go totally ferret?


Ehhh... it's a bit too subtle for my tastes. I like to see more physical changes as opposed to just fuzziness.


I have only one thing to say. Please sir, can I have some more?


yeah! give us more!


Yeah, it matches the ebil portion alright. Eternal Phuzzi-Ra, or Eternal Fuzziness hahaha. HA ha.. I will make you all fuzzy.. then take your women and children and make them fuzzy too! "But dude, it's the 21st century. Women and men are actually looked upon as equals. Heck, some women own the guys.. like Frostdrake and Aroo own their husbands.. poor things." What? You mean in roughly two and a half thousand years, you have allowed the world to become thus upturned? Insolent mortal fools! Die a


Three Cheers for Fuzz-Butts! Dook Dook Dook! Very cool looking piece.


Very well done. I like the somewhat subtle (although, to my eye, most are immediately noticable) changes. This would be a great sequence, as well...


You are just terrible, Terrifel. Your humor is so dry I don't need to toast it! :) Keep working on your art, it's very good.


Man whats going to happen next?


I like this one VERY much, and very much for its subtlety. Beautifully delicate line work & detailing. What medium is this in?


Technically, there's no clear Ancient Egyptian word for ferret - there were none around the Middle East! HOWEVER, there were weasels, and there was some worship of the ichneumon, a kind of mongoose that looks very musteline. So it'd DEFINITELY still work.


No ferrets in Egypt? That's just what Establishment Science WANTS you to think! I refer you to the groundbreaking work 'Tube Rats of the Gods,' by Erich von Dooken. Who else would have told the Egyptians, 'To get to Heaven, you have to hide all your shiny objects in a big landmark, and then go away'? (Comus: my usual M.O., color pencils and marker on toned paper.)


Very well done Tef, you never cease to amaze me...


cool drawing


just another way in the world to say stay away and dont touch


Very nice. I love that the changes are more subtle than in a lot of other pics I've seen. Very well done, thanks for uploading it.


I like this. Clean, funny, and well-drawn. Hey, if you want to draw something _really_ weird, look up pictures of Las Vegas' Luxor Hotel, the world's 2nd-largest pyramid and surely the most fun. Many shiny objects there... What could happen in that place?