Why are you looking at me like that? by Swatcher

Why are you looking at me like that? by

Date: 5/19/2012 Views: 11085 Favorites: 37 Comments: 4


I like solo TF stuff, but it adds a whole other layer when you add another character to witness and react to the transformation. I rambled about this on Twitter for a while and then came up with this.

The curse of the amulet is a bit like those blue ink tags they put on clothes to prevent shoplifting. Want to find who stole your magical amulet? Just look for the purple and blue monster guy. Can't exactly blend into the crowd when you're so brightly coloured!


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I suspect that he's going to be a lot better at fighting you, though. Maybe we should make shoplifters into brightly colored modern art, instead... they're helpless, harmless and get to suffer the indignity of being warped into something that looks like a collection of scrap metal. Bonus points for leaving his face stuck an inch from his rear, which is inscribed with a colorful message about what happens to thieves!


Yeah but how would you know whether that's a warning of it's some really weird modern art? I mean, anything goes these days, we live in postmodern times, etc.


Okay, so we turn them into something like child-show mascots. If purple and blue monster guy there has soft, bendy claws and horns dull enough to be approved by the child safety board, he'll have to work a lot harder to put his new form to destructive uses.


think that will be a chimera...