Movie Night TF by Sonicspirit

Movie Night TF by

Date: 10/5/2021 Views: 8462 Favorites: 16 Comments: 1


What? You've never spontaneously transformed into your real self during movie night? Well damn! You're missing out!

^_^ I'm a bit of a weenie with horror movies, and we were watching the original John Carpenter Halloween last night. Soooo, since I tend to draw to be able to handle my weenie-ness with horror movies, I drew us. And since I'm a TF nerd, I drew me, my mate Tails, and my metamour/paramour Violet transforming into, well, me and Tails' real selves, but Vi's fursona, essentially. ^_^ I had fun.


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It begs the question of what, if any, horror antagonists would actually threaten Sonic. The average murderer (Purge, Visit, old man Vorhees) is right out because they rely on helpless victims. Anything that relies on swarms of easily killed creatures is out. Throw a few chaos rings in to help with surviving until you work out their patterns and the Cloverfield types would go down. I guess Freddy can argue he strikes in your dreams so no rules but his own apply.