cohqgi by Sirenz

cohqgi by

Date: 9/30/2006 Views: 6635 Favorites: 38 Comments: 7


Animal Morphing sketch of my OC: This is a concept sketch for an RP on Gaia. is the link!


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Thta's pretty cool, Kinda reminds me of the Animorph art used for the TV series of the same name.


It's cute.




the girl is uber cute, totally.


Ever see the animorphs books? Looks like a cover for one of the books...


Kinda looks like a conga line of human, cat, and in-betweeners. But it's good.


Hehe. Actually, the RP it was made for IS based on the Animorphs series, which explains the likeness to the cover art. I love the style of TF used in this kind of morph - mostly simply because it looks so smooth and natural how you can sweep your eyes across it to see a continuous change, or examine each individual frame in detail. Plus, I'm a big fan of TFs that can be done at will by their victims. I STILL read the Animorphs book series, even though it's below my reading level it's extremely well-done. I think I'm addicted to it. @.@