Torment of a Teetotaller by Lucern7

Torment of a Teetotaller by

Date: 6/20/2014 Views: 15140 Favorites: 33 Comments: 4

Forced Transformation

My entry for DA and Motherboard's Transformation contest. Likely a work I've poured more time and heart into than any other I've ever done so I hope it shows.

The work represents personal struggle I've had all my life, not with alcoholism but absolute teetotalism. I've been exposed a lot of alcohol fueled abuse when I was young so I vowed never to drink, but I think now, perhaps, it was not the alcohol I should avoid but rather what drove man to become such a monster.

I fear at times my devotion to not drinking hindered my awareness of this catalyst and perhaps I too may become a monster if I do not learn the truth.


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For some reason he looks like jack black


It's called 'dependence' and 'infliction of one's suffering upon others'. Even in the presence of alcohol, these judgement calls are based on willpower.

When I'm very buzzed, sometimes I feel the desire to have revenge for my problems in life, or other times, I feel the desire to make intimate contact with others. That wasn't because of the alcohol--that was in me to begin with, and the alcohol just repressed another aspect of me.

Some people call the stuff 'liquid courage', because of a tendency to depend on it to fight bad aspects of yourself. Unfortunately, others can still surface to take their place.


Nice food for thought.


Great work, especially in light of what it represents.

I agree. Alcohol isn't for everyone, but it is also not the source of most problems either.