Peer Pressure by WhenWolvesCryOut

Peer Pressure by

Date: 3/12/2022 Views: 5047 Favorites: 20 Comments: 2

Peer Pressure

Gifted a charm to help with anxiety, it'd supposedly help him 'life up to expectations'. He didn't know it'd actually have an effect. While it wasn't intended to cause any tf or anything, after jokes about the 'Good Noodle' star, and chat going on about Ryu being a 'Good Noodle' for a while, it may have mistaken that for their actual expectations.


When asked what causes Ryu to tf into noodle, I joked 'Peer Pressure'. But then I decided to actually try something with the idea. Added a bonus page a bit later on.


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It's okay, Ryu. Okay, it may be hard to get around in human sized areas but you do make a good noodle.


Wow, he’s got ginormous dragon hands, lol