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the cave of Dragon's spirit by Subject-C
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a paint that I have had swimming in my head for a bit, pushing foreshortening of the front paw/hand.
Donkey potion by Danwolf
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Comission for jask He-HAAAAW !!! "o.__.o"
Pokeball malfunction by Danwolf
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Comission Summercat He was fiddling with some Pokemon items, should have been more careful UwU
Meow ! by Danwolf
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I found a witch hat ! I feel funny...Meow =OwO= Sadly this is the last one, I could barely make it next to comissions, but anyway : HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE !!! <3
Dragon Orb by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Undeadfriend's Wylie getting turned into a western dragon. Of course that means that Brigger has to be there too, and he's much more excited about this than Wylie is, it seems. Still trying to get into the habit of including at least simple backgrounds to provide some context and scale.
Peer Pressure by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Gifted a charm to help with anxiety, it'd supposedly help him 'life up to expectations'. He didn't know it'd actually have an effect. While it wasn't intended to cause any tf or anything, after jokes about the 'Good Noodle' star, and chat going on about Ryu being a 'Good Noodle' for a while, it may have mistaken that for their actual expectations. ------ When asked what causes Ryu to tf into noodle, I joked 'Peer Pressure'. But then I decided to actually try something with the idea. Added a bo...
[c] Ball? Ball! BALL!! by Recurrent
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A 4 stage cell shaded sequence for Tibbs The Dog ------------ Would you like to get a HiRes version of this piece and more? Consider supporting me on Patreon for as low as $1 a month. Patreon.com/Recurrent Find me on other sites Linktr.ee/RecurrentArt
Luz Werewolf Transformation by AceComix
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Commissioned by charmaegontu
[c] World's Apart by Recurrent
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A cel shaded sequence with a background for Hukaulaba
Salty snack by Danwolf
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Comission for Lancefoxx Looks like someone is lost at the forest and got hungry. Gotta get them Nutrients from somewhere, look at that delicious salt cube ! What ? Nah those are not antlers, I'ts just your imagination *innocent smile*