Roweland Commission by BengalBoy

Roweland Commission by

Date: 12/30/2020 Views: 3780 Favorites: 25 Comments: 5

Forced Transformation

Commission for Roweland (Twitter)


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Hey BengalBoi please make a Naked Amber werewolf transformation in front (where we can see her face) and the back (where we can see her back hair and her tail growing) the pack but the werewolves are in human form, a Hex Official character Reference, the pack but on four, Amber bit her boyfriend and he turns into a werewolf, Amber's boyfriend naked werewolf transformation, a prequel and a sequel to bitten (a werewolf transformation with the guy with the ripped blue shirt), Amber's boyfriend Official character Reference, a prequel to Amber origin story, Amber's werewolf pack and her boyfriend in among us form, Amber's werewolf pack takes a little visit to dog wood (a place where people get missing by getting themselves lost and joining the hounds) so that Amber's werewolf pack will stop the evil wolves from making more people join their hound pack but they have to be careful because the forest is alive and helps the hound get the people into the mud so the people would turn into wolves.


I got more ideas. A Hex origin story, my oc werewolf transformation in my human form i will just have a pair of blue shorts but with no underwear and a werewolf tail will go through my blue shorts in the transformation, i will be a werewolf with primary color be white, secondary color blue (the shade between blue and light blue) with dark blue eyebrows, blue claws, no human hair thank you, starting from the hands, then the feet, then a tail, then ears, then the face with the top snout be blue and buttom snout be white, black nose, sharp teeth blue eyes, blue curved rectangle from under the neck to over my blue shorts, and me howling at the blue moon.


With bright blue paw pads,and that is it for my oc werewolf transformation. I got more ideas. Amber's boyfriend in werewolf form riding naked werewolf Amber in the woods. Amber's werewolf pack howling at the moon. Amber when she in human form and not her wolf form. Werewolf Amber when she takes a shower and her boyfriend when he takes a shower in werewolf form. Black werewolf going to dog wood and becomes a evil black werewolf by mud and the wolf hounds and black werewolf go with his new pack every full moon.

That is all my ideas and don't make these Mature content please and thank you.


And a prequel and sequel to Angry Amber, Amber needs something, And Hex.


This question is dumb but how do your werewolves pee when their penise are covered in their werewolf fur