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gummycolatiger by PickleJuice
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I totally had this ready to go for the Transfur Halloween Artist's Challenge. Then I spaced and never uploaded it. Ah, well. Here it is. Enjoy! And the candy that I randomly found to assist: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/208630297/Cola_shape_gummy_candy_with_tray.html
TigerTF by Dusker78
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A three piece commission for Ember. A young man changes into a tiger under the watchful eye of a curious tigress.
Pet Tiger by Dusker78
28158 views, 164 favorites, 6 comments
A commission for a friend. I think the title pretty much says it all.
walk in the woods by Wrathofautumn
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Pages Done: 18/??? So here I am, taking a hike in the woods...until I go find a creek off the trail...and should've noticed the "Keep Out sign", but it's been aged and weathered to the point of being indecipherable. For the Zodiac Tf Challenge. What am I? Well, you'll have to read the sequence and see. ;3 Anyhoo, critique and comments are welcome!
EvasiveChanges by MageOmega
13661 views, 58 favorites, 3 comments
Dunno why, but I like to draw TF situations where people are oblivious to their changes until its too late...Also, Im a sucker for Tigers =D
nm-girtf by Tincrash
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zodiacpickle by PickleJuice
25247 views, 56 favorites, 3 comments
Zodiac Pickle. For the Zodiac transformation theme. Apparently, I'm a tiger. And old. O.O When did that happen?
tftiger by Killpanda
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welcome to the circus by Kuma
42399 views, 388 favorites, 27 comments
A gift for a good friend. Started off as a quick sketch that came out really well, felt it had to have all the trimmings applied to it.
Sumatran - Cancer Fund by Corvidima
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[Sumatran Tiger - Cancer Fund] The pool was relaxation at its finest; allowing him to shed the façade we call humanity. Wading through, the gentle waves lapped against his skin, causing change wherever they touched. His skin prickled as new, downy hair covered his body, stripes darkening here and there. At long last his eyesight cleared; he blinked, taking off his unneeded spectacles. He would keep them as a memento…nothing more…