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Tigersblood by Wrathofautumn
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I got this idea a few years ago on my way to work at my old job. During the summer, they were selling this drink "Tiger's Blood." And that caused the gears in my head to turn. X3 Hehehe...now he's going tiger on us, thanks to that slushie.
Tiger tf by Kuma
68489 views, 447 favorites, 33 comments
Poor guy's gone all fuzzy. Compliments of circe >:)
jamal by Arania
4 images, 48050 views, 111 favorites, 24 comments
A gangsta-type individual (an original character of JadeEye called Jamal) starting a rather reluctant transformation into a white tiger. Though sometimes carnivore blood in an already violent individual can have some... unpleasant results. Now complete. I'll be uploading a few completed IoDM sequences here in the next week or two which the owners' have seen the final versions of already.
Weretiger by Silver557
13251 views, 77 favorites, 8 comments
Another oldie...one of the very few tiger anthros I ever did...done in a trip back in january o.o;
TGTigress by Halfwing
31367 views, 373 favorites, 21 comments
It's a... TG tigress pic? o.o''
tigboyd by PickleJuice
27852 views, 174 favorites, 32 comments
After finding it on the path, he put the strange collar on by whim. It changed him, shrinking and transforming. He was a man, and now is a tiger boy. The boy runs a paw through his headfur and just takes a deep breath, drinking in the surrounding scents and feeling the heady rush of Knowing his surroundings without opening his eyes.c
shpinalshurgery by Bilious
19758 views, 18 favorites, 5 comments
making fun of a current situation in the IoDM RPG- 75% octopus Billy and 75% white tiger Jamal plot a way to remove the chips the scientists have implanted in their spines to keep them under control- viva la revolution! needless to say, Jamal is most likely screwed. Bet this still won't stop the changes, boys!
tigress by Tamen
21357 views, 178 favorites, 5 comments
Just a cute little werekitty after shredding her clothing.
tigergirlcr by GeckzGo
31907 views, 238 favorites, 7 comments
i did a really quick and cheap method of coloring her, so it looks a bit funny but i think it came out decently
Jamalroar by Baneful
11788 views, 50 favorites, 5 comments
Just a quick image of JadeEye's character on IoDM, Jamal.