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Another Venn Wereyena TF by Adaru32
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(Almost forgot I had an account here...) I was nominated by a cousin and friend to partake in this 10 day art challenge on Facebook. For day 6, I made this image of my werehyena character Venn transforming (This was the only one I coloured in the challenge). Done on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet and a mouse.
Lycanthrope Lunacy Sequence by Adaru32
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A little something just for fun. I would've livestreamed myself doing this but wanted to keep this a surprise. If you've guessed what's happening here, yes it is me transforming into a werewolf. This was an idea of mine I've had since my mid teen years, but the original scenario, sequence, and dialogue was much-much different compared to what's happening here. In the original idea, it would've started off with me injecting the formula into my system, and I would talk to myself about what's ha...
Werewolf Draws by Losipher
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Late Night Shift by Losipher
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Werewolf Deku by Losipher
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Wolf Maw Profile Sequence by Losipher
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Werewolf Tailburst Sequence by Losipher
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Wolf Link Profile TF by Losipher
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A Fluffy Feeling by Losipher
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A fluffy awoo.
Mess by Honey-Bear
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Someone had a tasty lunch. It's kool-aid!