Ray Beam

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raptorfied by Terrifel
27814 views, 129 favorites, 10 comments
Lt. Parker's last human thought was that his favorite pair of underpants were now completely ruined.
rexified by Terrifel
23053 views, 127 favorites, 5 comments
The alien Zoophiles had created an entire new world to house extinct fauna, complete with sentry robots to preserve their genetic integrity. When humanity discovered the planet ages later, it turned out that the robots weren't very smart.
cirebatc by PickleJuice
10 images, 56044 views, 313 favorites, 22 comments
Cire is struck again. There's a plan at work here, but someone's going to be quite surprised how it turns out.
ResultsInconclusive by CaliforniaKitFox
46430 views, 84 favorites, 9 comments
Results Inconclusive.
leona by KelvinTheLion
4 images, 105324 views, 509 favorites, 26 comments
A girl named Leona Transit (cheesy name, I know.) gets ready for her transformation. Wish her luck. The sprouting of the tail is my favorite part of transformation. I wonder how it feels for her.
cirerat by PickleJuice
6 images, 36886 views, 135 favorites, 7 comments
It's a TF attack! Someone has a ray gun and is turning this guy into a rat...
nm-raccoontf-- by Tincrash
15309 views, 26 favorites, 4 comments
Guy slowly turning into a Raccon due to some TF beam or something, first TF drawing in awhile and in color