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Date: 12/8/2003 Views: 113303 Favorites: 528 Comments: 26

Ray Beam

A girl named Leona Transit (cheesy name, I know.) gets ready for her transformation. Wish her luck. The sprouting of the tail is my favorite part of transformation. I wonder how it feels for her.


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That looks like my dentist's X-Ray machine! Next time I go i'm going to look at the control panel to see which button toggles the TF ray!


Lol i tryes to see the panle couldent see anything but nobs and a buton


Cute. :)


Another great sequence. Love the art style.


Nice TF, however...

A scientist uses the word "butt?"


Funny Punch-line.


Good thing the device is clearly labled. We Don't want her backing into the Burn-Into-Oblivion-o-Matic that they are testing in the next room over. Anyway, I am a big fan of your comic escapades and I am glad you let the other shoe drop and do some TF stuff for transfur. It's like having another Picklejuice in the house, in a good way!


Very cute sequence :)


I decided that I wanted to do a sexy female transformation. Being a tail person I started with the rear. Page 3 is the most popular page. Either people want to see her covered with fur or they like face morphing more than tail growing. What's your favorite part of a transformation?


Good one! Very nice.


sweet run man. very cool. would be neat to see her get turned back..


Scientists are payed to be smart, not have a high vocab o.o... lol, awsome job


I like it when the tail grows in, because it's something generally associated with animals.

I also like it when clothes are ripped/fallen out of/removed as since animals don't wear clothes, the loss of clothing is symbolic.

I also like it when the voice change into an animals call, also very symbolic.


This is the most popular page out of the 4 and yet it has no comments on it yet. Strange. I'm still trying to figure out why some pages get more hits than others.


What normally happens is that more people will critique the entire sequence en masse, posting either at the beginning or the end, than pointing out a particular page as their favourite.


I think it's also because they like a particular part the best, so view it multiple times, reloading it from the site instead of saving it locally.

Saving would be better as it would reduce the load on the server.

(One person reloading a 60kb image instead of saving it locally might not make a huge diffrence but hundreds of people doing it can, especially when your dealing with multiple images)


I'm a pa many myself, if a TF contaons noting more then hads and feet to paws and digigrade legs im happy, to me its a symbol of a tf's lost humanity


oh and you can delete this comment once you read it, Kelvin. the link that you have set as your site doesn't work.


this sequence is quite cute, indeed.


Your best TF, i think. The first I ever saw, that got me into tf. Thanks. =] Btw, my fave pic is no. 4 because of the skeleton reshaping....... i've always thought that was cool.


fave for shure


i don't think the scientists realised she wouldn't be too happy about being a lion.


let me try it but i want to be a dragon


your style is... undescribeable


If Leona attacks her creator, I would be thinking of Frankenstein.


The body with the first changed face would look perfect, i would ask to stay in that form forever is this machine was real, but for my personaly unlucky, this ray is only fantasy. :o(