Gender Change

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Taki's 'Custom Fit' bathing suit by Flinters
14412 views, 164 favorites, 2 comments
The suit did feel a bit odd when Taki put it on, but the sales rep swore it would be 'custom fit' The trunks slipped on easily enough, but once about his hips, they pinched, pulled and he could feel quite a wedgie coming on. He tugged, pulled, and tried to remove it, but even as he stared in disbelief, the material flowed upwards on his left side, shifting, changing, and not just the fabric. He could fee his flesh warming, tingly and strangely changing as well, swelling out at his chest and h...
Otter Maid by Tgwonder
6197 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
And she had a bagpipe. :B <3 ~tgwonder
The Pink Room of the Harem by Tgwonder
8226 views, 59 favorites, 1 comment
"I supposed that you didn't read the sign, 'Keep Out?' right?" :B <3 ~tgwonder
Dolled by Tincrash
3 images, 17566 views, 76 favorites, 1 comment
For Able01 on FA
Reporting For Duty! by Robertge
5442 views, 26 favorites, 0 comments
What's better than having an Able secretary? A Femable secretary. Especially when she's contracted to do what her employer pleases. This includes wearing skimpy clothes to work! At least she's beating the heat! for able01 on FA
Suddenly, boobs by Robertge
4871 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
So a long time ago Exvarn did a trade with me. Back in December XD;;; Here's his part of the trade: Sorry this took so long buddy. Exvarn belongs to exvarn on FA
Species Swap Tg by Tgwonder
8589 views, 43 favorites, 0 comments
Looks like @jaker, and stripedwolf might had exchange genetic information, when exposed to Dr. Wonders new prototype machine. :V and yet, it still made @jaker a girl. V: <3 ~tgwonder
Daf Raisin by Tgwonder
7121 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
It's better to play smooth jazz on that rump. V:
Punk Rock Displacement by Cobalt_K
5 images, 27956 views, 129 favorites, 15 comments
Commission for Mr.Nibz on FurAffinity. A pianist takes the stage for a performance, only to discover someone has left a double-guitar on stage. His hands suddenly wrench beyond his control, playing the instrument flawlessly, almost viciously, as changes overwhelm him.
Cursed Cupcake by Vyper
15178 views, 91 favorites, 9 comments
Oh no! Beware of the cursed cupcakes! D: Incredibly hungry guy discovers an abandoned box of Dragon Deluxe Cupcakes while taking a walk. Tempted to take a bite, he does so and discovers the horrific side effects of having his clothes mysteriously vanish, leaving him completely nude on the street. Thinking that was the worst of it, he suddenly finds his entire body changing - and lo and behold! He's now a dragon. Okay, so that wasn't too bad...Until his belly began to rumble and swell, and his...