Gender Change

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Livestream Doodle #10 by Tgwonder
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Just a typical sea dive gone completely wacky. :V
Wildlife Preserve by Tgwonder
6465 views, 26 favorites, 0 comments
*Insert story here* :) <3 ~tgwonder
Don't... by Tgwonder
11054 views, 42 favorites, 0 comments
touch that! >:0 <3 ~tgwonder
Livestream Doodle #7 by Tgwonder
6161 views, 47 favorites, 0 comments
You know, you've just wake up one morning. In a different gender. :0
Schrodinger's Cat by Rae
27358 views, 146 favorites, 65 comments
FIREFOX VIEWERS ONLY! (Or Maybe Chrome) A "Voluntary" Test Subject has been placed in this box with an unusual source of radation. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the subject is simultaneously transformed and untransformed. Yet, when we look in the box, we see the subject is either a human or or a cat, not both. (Well, sort of both, sometimes) I was challenged to do a Schrodinger's Cat themed transformation. I think I did a pretty darn good jo...
Improbable Quantum Event by Rae
21108 views, 182 favorites, 32 comments
I decided to take it upon myself to come up with a brand new "caused by" theme for the site, and what did I come up with? The Improbable Quantum Event! This is real science people, I hope you're paying attention in case this happens to you! I would like to issue a challenge to anybody reading this to make the Improbable Quantum Event its own category! And yes, the official noise an Improbable Quantum Event makes is "Bloomph"
A Mean Disease by Amber-Aria
9 images, 35046 views, 281 favorites, 9 comments
A sketch sequence for my 100 Sketch Challenge. This sequence is for Deiser on Furaffinity, and is the lengthiest TF sequence I've done to date. If you want more information on what exactly's going on in this sequence, visit my FA gallery to see the descriptions associated with each image! Deiser's not looking so good. I think he's coming down with something...
Jademoontail Comic by Demyxia
28520 views, 290 favorites, 5 comments
A commission for Jademoontail on FA : D
Pack Mule by Tgwonder
5913 views, 22 favorites, 0 comments
'Well... He was complaining about the extra weight, we'll fix that by adding more.' -Management <3 ~tgwonder
Don't drink on the job by tfancred
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Sometimes, you just have to listen to your boss...