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nm-woman to orca tf by Tincrash
14287 views, 67 favorites, 14 comments
Woman transforming into a Orca due to a cursed swimsuit. Commission for @thistle
wereturtle by Corvidima
28585 views, 83 favorites, 7 comments
Artist Challenge #3: Were-turtle! Why? Your shoulder blades get sucked inside your ribcage (ouch!), and say goodbye to any hair you had... [although to be honest, I think turning into a human would be the most unfortunate were-creature...]
Alligator Transformation by Cayuga
60612 views, 438 favorites, 19 comments
cbseaweed by Currerbell
24869 views, 57 favorites, 0 comments
What happens when you let the seaweed get out of control...
mertrans by ShadowsMyst
35772 views, 128 favorites, 3 comments