Twisted Tales 2 by Toonexterminator

Twisted Tales 2 by

Date: 4/2/2011 Views: 24341 Favorites: 167 Comments: 11

Cursed Location

A young woman found herself a nice quiet beach to sunbath on. She was enjoying her vacation until she heard a baby crying from the shore. She dashed over to see a baby mermaid weeping. The woman was amazed to see a mythical being in front but the baby mermaid was still a baby. The woman examined around her and saw no other merfolk.

The confused, yet concerned lady picked up the baby mermaid and walked back to her sunbathing spot. The woman calmed the baby by signing to her and rocking the cute creature back and forth. The baby mermaid’s cries turned into laughter.

“I can’t believe mermaids are real,” she said to the baby mermaid. “Where’s your mommy, little one?” The baby responded by reaching out to the woman, eager for her mother’s comfort. The woman was too distracted by this baby’s giggles to notice that the woman’s feet began to fuse together. Her toes spread out and turned into fins. Her legs became full of blue scales. It wasn’t ‘til her transformation surpassed where her knees once were that she knew something was off… The baby was acting like the woman was her mother... and...

To be continued…?


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that's kinda fucked up


i think its cute <3


It's very original good stories, feel more inadequate training for less than a misgurto the other.


story anywhere?


I likw it. Please, continue


This is a sweet story! I love it.


Lovely story and great art work


Woo hoo


Awsome. Did anyone notice that the baby looks like Ariel?


Continue it please.


Thats good !continue pleas . And do you know were i can find this baby ?