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Bug fixes and content policy changes [Posted 7/2/2015]

Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their summer so far.

Sign in bug fix
A few of you may have encountered an error when signing into the site. We've fixed the issue, it was caused by a few of you not having email addresses on file. If you're affected, you'll be directed to a page to confirm your account details.

Content policy change
We've also revised our content policy to allow all forms of physical transformation rather than only furry, animal, and mythological. In other words, images involving human gender changes and non-animal/myth transformations are now allowed on the site. Have fun!

Random Transfur Bugs [Posted 6/28/2015]

We are currently attempting to track down several bugs on transfur due to our server move that is preventing some users from accessing their Transfur accounts or performing certain actions. We have received an unusual volume of emails about these issues, but these bugs are most elusive, so if you are having these issues we would like to hear from you. We need to know what kind of browser you were using and how you were attempting to log on as well as any actions just prior to the crash. And if you see an error message with any details, we'd love a screen capture of that as well.

Thank you,

-Transfur Staff

Site Upgrades [Posted 6/23/2015]

Hope everyone's been having a fantastic start to the summer so far. I wanted to let you know about a few changes to Transfur that have been made over the past few months.

New Server
We've moved Transfur over to a brand new server. Believe it or out, the old one ran the entire site and database with only 2 gb of ram and the equivalent of Windows Vista. It was a trusty server and served us well - but we discovered we could get something at the same host with about four times the power for a few dollars less than we were already paying.

Profile Settings
User profiles have been updated to allow for a few new options and settings. It's now possible to completely hide your profile and images from people who aren't logged in and block search engines from linking to your profile or images. I recommend stopping by the profile settings page and giving it a quick review - if you have a much older account, some of the new features (such as "image mentions" and messaging) may be disabled by default.

User Blocking
Artists can now block specific users from commenting on their images or messaging them. Artists can use the feature by clicking "Remove" next to a comment and then selecting the option to permanently block the user.

Comment Disabiling
Artists can now disable the ability for people to comment on an image. Useful if you want to upload something, but aren't quite up for feedback just yet.

New Login System
The account creation, login, and account setting portions of the site have been overhauled. It's now possible to log in by email address, and we've done a lot of cleanup behind the scenes.

Broken Stuff
Unfortunately, a few things on the site are temporarily broken. You might find that password reset emails aren't reaching you - this is because our new server's IP was previously banned (before we used it!) by many email hosts, including Microsoft and Google. We've gotten it unblocked for most servers, and we have a ticket open with Microsoft to have us unblocked there as well.

Also, accounts that are missing email addresses can't log in right now since the new site changes require an email address to be there. In a day or two we'll start redirecting these people to a page where they can update their account details before logging in. Stay tuned.

Future Changes
Life gets busy, but we have a few things in the works. The database is being overhauled to make it easier to add functionality like notifications and watch lists.

P.S. We're still proud to be advertising free. All of you are the best, thanks for helping keep this place going! 18 years and counting!