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Donation Drive for 2016 [Posted 12/16/2015]

The new year of 2016 is almost here and it’s time for another donation drive. TransFur is supported completely by its fans so we owe another thanks to everyone who pulled 2015 together.

But now, 2016 is here and it's time to start it all over again. My how time flies.

This year TransFur is celebrating its 18th year. Which is old enough to vote in many places but thanks to our supporters it's still around and kicking. Now, as one of the last transformation focused sites on the internet it's more important than ever to rally support for TransFur for 2016.

If any artists would like to contribute to the donation drive with their artwork, send me an e-mail at and we will make your art available as a special reward to contributors who give more than $5 Usd to help keep TransFur going.

To donate, follow the link here. Every little bit helps and TransFur cannot keep going without your support. So, on behalf of everyone else who enjoys TransFur, thank you very much for everything you do to help our community great.

Bug fixes and content policy changes [Posted 7/2/2015]

Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their summer so far.

Sign in bug fix
A few of you may have encountered an error when signing into the site. We've fixed the issue, it was caused by a few of you not having email addresses on file. If you're affected, you'll be directed to a page to confirm your account details.

Content policy change
We've also revised our content policy to allow all forms of physical transformation rather than only furry, animal, and mythological. In other words, images involving human gender changes and non-animal/myth transformations are now allowed on the site. Have fun!

Random Transfur Bugs [Posted 6/28/2015]

We are currently attempting to track down several bugs on transfur due to our server move that is preventing some users from accessing their Transfur accounts or performing certain actions. We have received an unusual volume of emails about these issues, but these bugs are most elusive, so if you are having these issues we would like to hear from you. We need to know what kind of browser you were using and how you were attempting to log on as well as any actions just prior to the crash. And if you see an error message with any details, we'd love a screen capture of that as well.

Thank you,

-Transfur Staff