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Black Tapestries Issue 20 TF by Jakkal
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Thought I'd share this excerpt from my other webcomic that's probably more well known that Kaerwyn. Poor Dane gets to see this side of Kaetifdom. If you want to read the whole thing: If you want to help me keep it rolling:
STC; Kieth Konsequences by PickleJuice
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The bully from "Turtle Fan" is having some unintended side effects to his bullying of the growing Turtle Fan. Become a patron and check out the sweet exclusive Subject To Change extras at my patreon: More subject to change: Subject To Change 1-21 Puppy Boyfriend 1 1: Subject To Change 22 to 60 Growing Dogg Boy 1:
[Commission]-Quinn TF character design by Fringedog
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Character design commisssion for Onom. No TF content here... yet. The reason I am posting this here is that Onom commissioned this design as a character for future multiple random TFs. As such I'm posting the character here to add any and all future TF I might be commissioned as they are completed using the sequence feature.
[Commission]-Eldritch Transformation by Fringedog
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Traditional art commission for Lucern on Deviantart
Toucan Memes by Kitsunefan
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They will make you fat birds
Kitsune Kooking by Kitsunefan
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Cooking shows for Magical Creatures, you may not want to attend if youre invited, even if they offer to make you dinner
Werewolfing Out by Amber-Aria
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Oh geeze, I just remembered I never uploaded this! During a birthday stream for my good friend Crystala last year, I got the chance to draw some awesome werewolfness of herself. There is also a guest appearance by the ever-awesome TeknicolorTiger, who seems to have been at least somewhat responsible for the angry fluffiness happening here.
Sphynxish. by Splice
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Feels good man.
white dragon by Jeller
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Heyo, haven't updated in a while. I just got Guild Wars 2 for my birthday a few weeks ago and have been messing around with that ever since, plus school and whatnot. But all the GW2 fantasy stuff has inspired me to draw an elf dude turning into a dragon. Kinda wish GW2 would add a monster trans skill for the Norn like in Mabinogi, where you collect forms and can turn into any monster you kill enough times to harvest its soul or something like that. >.> Also speaking of dragons and stuff, t...
Working with Wildlife by Amber-Aria
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A lovely TF idea provided by Orioles03, commemorating their first job out of college: wildlife removal and release! Orio gets a nick from a feisty raccoon, that proves to be... a little bit contagious.