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Recent Additions

Creeping Crawler - Patreon Sketch by Ametf
615 views, 9 favorites, 0 comments
Gift sketch for Spacix, as he donated to my Patreon. Get a gift sketch like this by pledging as little as $1 to my Patreon
Hungry Monster..... by MjR
1896 views, 5 favorites, 4 comments
Sort of going for a Honey Monster like creature. Mainly because I found drawing this tight of monster easy after a long period of inactivity plus I have a thing for the billowing fur effects, as well as people disappearing into big goofy looking monsters.
Sea Green Eastern Dragon by Cobalt_K
2 images, 2085 views, 55 favorites, 2 comments
I had wanted to draw an Eastern dragon for a very long time, but the anatomy always scared me. I finally gave it a shot in 2013, and was really happy with the results!
Daze & Dippen by V
1924 views, 19 favorites, 1 comment
TF Commission for Daze and DippenDot over on FA!
Biker Skunk Babe by Cobalt_K
3 images, 5083 views, 140 favorites, 8 comments
Protip: Never badger your girlfriend into adopting a lifestyle she doesn't want. Karma won't be kind to you. (And neither will your girlfriend.)
Collecting Dust by musclebeef_ripflesh
1890 views, 13 favorites, 1 comment
A continuation of: After the transformation completed, the lady found herself stuck in a bad spot. She originally found the dress in the attic of her new house, enamored with its quality, and put it on right there. Because the attic was so well-hidden - or because of stupidity - no one actually knew where she ran off to, and the lady was incapable of getting herself out. She frequently tried budging and wobbling around, b...
Monolith Ultra - Steel Dress (quick drawing) by musclebeef_ripflesh
2267 views, 12 favorites, 0 comments
A lady puts on a pretty silver dress, not knowing it was a morph. She watches her arms slowly shrink away, unable to scream or cry for help after losing her mouth. She simply watches in muted horror until its all finished. Cross-posted from my Deviantart page.
Doggone Cerberus - Comm. by Ametf
2589 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
TF coloured sketch commission for TFInferno on FA. Himself and a friend merging and transforming into a Cerberus from Final Fantasy IXIVIVXIIIVX
Getting Meta! by Kzmaster
8 images, 5895 views, 23 favorites, 2 comments
For behind the scenes on how this comic was made, check this out. This Commission for the awesome BurstCoffee I've never turned anyone into a geometric-shaped creature before, I like the way this turned out. What do you guys think?
Ludo by Demyxia
2887 views, 62 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Ludo