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A nap in the jungle by Incarna
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Big kitty by Gemini-Heart
6 images, 22585 views, 90 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Sieg on furaffinity~!
Carousel Horse Transformation by WhiteflameK
1617 views, 22 favorites, 4 comments
Turning into a carousel horse. Ever wondered why the horses on merry-go-rounds look like they are in agony? At least he will be one of the beautifully carved stationary horses, even if he cannot appreciate this fact, or even be able to appreciate anything at all. (This is definitely one of the works I am most satisfied with. In order to create it, I had to first build a human fleshed base which could stand as a horse tf on its own. The final work took over 200 layers. Also, quite often ...
The right pond by Fennex
15 images, 41665 views, 362 favorites, 45 comments
Lucy has been searching far and wide for a genuine 'magical pond'. Now that she's found one she slowly starts to realize she might not have thought everything through properly.
Releasing by Zibyr
3261 views, 108 favorites, 5 comments
It started being part of a rough sequence but it turned out into a single detailed drawing. This is Kale releasing his wild side. I'll talk about this char in future drawings once I land the ideas in my mind.
Panda by Weazel75
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Deep Sea Dive by Ametf
2641 views, 23 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Zohaku on Furaffinity. His human character transforms into a stealthy submarine for some sea exploration. Pretty tricky tf to draw but I like the outcome.
Seeing double by Danwolf
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A fun little comic short I've wanted to do a long time ago,but couldn't find time for it...finally half of it is DONE ! It took almost two week but It was worth it ? I guess xP Anyways enjoy the silly woof getting in trouble once again...a bit more action and explanation on the next page :3 and you guys tought one from Dan is enough x3 UPDATE : The second page is up ^^ Enjoy ! One more page to go (yes,don't ask Epigon's horns are missing on the second page,I've decided not to keep them,he...
Free Food by Wuffy23
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After receiving a letter advertising a seaside villa for rental with food and living facilitys taken care of 2 friends cant belive there luck and head strait over to check it out, Having travelled far to the remote villa what they find is pretty strange little did they know things would become stranger..... Following the surprise transformation a letter seemingly poofs out of fin air reading as so "To the new residents, I take it you found the artifacts. Due to this, the villa is now yours ...
[AT] - Anne - Somethings fishy by Inkblot
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My part in a tf art trade with JamsnJellies ( she wanted her oc Anne tfing into a more fish-then-human swordfish mermaid. i was happy to accept that challenge, and thus this tf was born