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A woman Scorned by Janexas
7 images, 3881 views, 58 favorites, 13 comments
Poodle Girl Transformation Sequence Commission for Thrandrall on Deviantart for his blog here.
Spirit Animal by D-E-M-O
2969 views, 102 favorites, 3 comments
Man turning into his inner spirit animal (of some sort) x3
The Collar by D-E-M-O
2140 views, 84 favorites, 4 comments
A man turning into a wolfish creature due to a magical collar hes wearing. ~
Mail order, Lizard suit TF by Tonde
4 images, 3454 views, 41 favorites, 3 comments
commission by latex
1807 views, 19 favorites, 0 comments
Together Forever by Weazel75
2647 views, 17 favorites, 2 comments
Pine Marten + Siberian Weasel = River Otter, apparently!
No Nudity by Weazel75
2514 views, 14 favorites, 0 comments
Been redoing some old images.
Suddenly..... by Wuffy23
2687 views, 57 favorites, 2 comments
TAILSPLOSION! Lol flat colour commission for Ace Shep over on FA who was the lucky winner of my recent free art raffle :3 Ive been wanting to do a proper tailsplosion for a while and this one worked out nicely lol :p Looks like Ace has had quite a shock at his current situation, Or it could be that those jeans were quite expensive >.> *Sigh* its not easy being a were animal :3
Strange swimwear by Tonde
3 images, 5594 views, 86 favorites, 4 comments
Rubbery Otter TF!
New Daughter (commision) by Tomek1000
5579 views, 87 favorites, 13 comments
commision for emiendorwi: god this art took me so much time ^^ but i realy happy how this comic look ^^ hehe also well i got bad luck XD emiendorwin wanted to have new Daughter and she unlucky find me and tf tg into her hatching (help)