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Fox Away! by Ametf
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A 4 page comic commission for Lancefoxx. (( This is just the first page, you gotta wait for the good stuff to happen ))
Beaver Fever by Hukeng
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"When everyone who had taken a swim at the lake started developing an inexplicable appetite for wood, the executives of the nearby chemical waste disposal plant quickly issued a disclaimer blaming the phenomenon on an obscure new dieting fad from overseas. However, once the local creeks and canals started to get obstructed by makeshift dams of unknown origin, further investigation by one grumpy old sheriff and a quirky reporter from the big city revealed the shocking truth..." Another random ...
Dragon TF badge by Danwolf
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I've made this one at Eurofurence 21 in the Artist Lounge ^w^ Just wabted to do a silly transformation themed bagde for myself :3
Rolling Shot! by Trevor_Fox
3614 views, 58 favorites, 9 comments
Phew! Got done with the piece for ShadowFox014 on FA. I'm really happy with the camera shots and the way this turned out. Was fun to practice some new coloring, shading, and lighting techniques. ShadowFox014 tries to take a picture of a spotted skunk doing a handstand, but he loses his footing and tumbles down the hill, changing as he "gracefully" rolls down the hill, his clothes flying off as he shrinks in size. He finally comes to a hand-standstill at the bottom before his camera lands i...
Punishment Of The Nymph - Dryad Tree TF by Curse_of_the_Dryad
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The mortal dryad morph was originally used to punish mortals who caused the deaths of tree nymphs and/or their presiding trees. The transformation would cause the user to become half plant, yet still retain their humanoid forms. Imprisoned within their own bodies, they had to live out the rest of their days as such to compensate and appease for their wrongdoings. Sometimes, if shown mercy, they’d receive the chance to turn back, but their family lines would forever be poisoned. The ability to tu...
Isla Grace - Full TF by Dusker78
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(6 of 6) A semi non-canon TF sequence from my comic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox. These images are of the comic's protagonist (well, one of the two), Isla Grace. Please visit the comic's website at for a preview video and the first few pages (updated every Friday). There are no TFs in the comic as of yet, but it will be very much TF-centric. If you'd like to see the comics a month ahead of time and in high definition, please become a Pat...
Turn to Stone by TheRubberDragon
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A little bit of advice: next time you're sneaking around a science lab don't play with the unlabeled jars. You never know what you're gonna get, and that antidote will always be just out of reach...
Doggy Fountain by Fazar
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Commission done for AngstSkunk of himself turning into a GShep via water source. Fun getting to work with inking again.
The Jewel of Keero by Antiquity-Varmint
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All five finished colored pages of this comic will be posted here. Right now coloring will be one very long progress work to deal with. I might add some sound effects to the work, where the poor guy will suffer the changes that makes noise! I thought it won't hurt to offer this one page sneak peak preview here! Coming soon to Transfur, deviantart, Furaffinity, and weasyl! Check your favorite furry site for any future updates on my work. 8/12/15 Update: I finished coloring the first page, howe...
Commission: Prrrf! More Nanites! by Rex_equinox
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For @brenderlin