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Downy soft by LanceNightingale
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-Personal- Just felt like drawing more sequences so ... I did... and harpies are cool. :D
Drink Me (Confuzzled '15) by Urbanvixen
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Piece for Confuzzled 2015 "Alice in Wonderland". The original is much more colorful (scanners always butcher copics) and up in the Art Show now if you're viewing this from the Con :)
Walk by Weazel75
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Been having trouble drawing recently. This thing took me about a week of working off and on to finish.
atomic cover art by Angrboda
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The art for the cover to a TF artbook I just released - thought you guys might enjoy the illustration. You can check out the book and a ton of other stuff I've worked on at
TF Clinic : Sam by Urbanvixen
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TF content to follow. But with voting closing in just a few hours, Sam seems to be winning the Vote for this month's treatment :) Find out more about her at
Mail by LanceNightingale
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Malcolm receives a strange letter with no return address, upon opening the letter he finds a coin. -Commission-
Dragon and a Show by Demyxia
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vwv Man, it's been a while since I drew some fan service for myself of Coal's transformations~ Thanks to Talin for sponsoring this image and letting me have some fun <3 Coal is capable of turning into a big, hulking dragon since he's a warrior demon, Kaito is always highly infatuated with the transformation. I am in such a monstery TF mood today <3<3 Aaugh
Pick by Jeller
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Just because my Stevesona CAN turn into anything... doesn't mean he SHOULD. So let's help him narrow down that list a little bit by helping Stevie figure out what he SHOULDN'T turn into! What should he not turn into? An ugly dog? A neko girl with an enormous fucking rack? A slime monster? A normal looking person? Something else entirely? YOU GET TO FIGURE THAT OUT, BUD. You decide in the comments, and I get to surprise everyone by picking one random suggestion and drawing it... AS A SEQ...
Commission: The D stands for... by Lucern7
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commission fromTanorath-drgn on DA originally it was going to be a "trade" a detailed sequence for a new computer but the computer died which inspired me to to this sequence. IF it is a blue screen of death,who knows what the "D" stands for perhaps dragons or dracofication, which would explain most of it.
later a gator by Superboo
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experimenting on the unwilling is pretty unethical, but here we are. ... you know i don't think that straightjacket is going to fit too well once his arms start changing. hm. welp, what can ya do?