Recent Additions

Fumey's commission by latex
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necromancer lady again by Jeller
1307 views, 21 favorites, 4 comments
More necromancer lady with giant bara cat arms yaaaaaaaa She's gonna punch right through your face and rip out your soul, man. <_<
1v1 me irl m9 get rekt do u even lift by Jeller
2558 views, 31 favorites, 3 comments
Wanted to draw my necromancer lady that I play in Guild Wars 2, been having a lot of fun with that game lately. Snow leopards are hella cool, and I dig the attack animations. A lil' bummed the game doesn't have a better transformation animation for the norn, but I know how hard it is to change up and scale rigs and polygons and change texture maps and whatnot so I can see why they took shortcuts on that. <_>
Princess Scaly Pants by Ametf
2658 views, 39 favorites, 9 comments
Just a quick, drummy coloured doodle for St George's Day.
Human -> Snake Demon by Jakkal
2 images, 4378 views, 40 favorites, 3 comments
Livestream commission for Onom of his snake character Noxus, well more appropriately of this poor dude turning into his snake character Noxus.
Human -> Dragon TF by Jakkal
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Livestream commission for Vectordragon of himself changing into a dragon of his design.
Husky to Horse by Jakkal
2211 views, 25 favorites, 0 comments
Livestream commission for 77chaos77's husky character changing into a horse.
Human -> Horse Post TF by Jakkal
3331 views, 64 favorites, 4 comments
Livestream Commission for Arrow Quivershaft of his RP character Nathan's reaction to being turned into an anthro horse.
Human -> Mouse Lineart by Jakkal
3050 views, 47 favorites, 1 comment
Livestream Commission for wac2313 of a human turning into a mouse. I blame the peanut butter in the sandwich.
A Steller Situation by Jakkal
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Livestream commission for Onom of his character, Stacy, changing into an anthropomorphic Steller's Jay.