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Tofu Commission by Fazar
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More shrinky feral fox TF. Character (as far as I'm aware) was anthro, and is heading to Feral Town, express route, right through bulking clothing drive. Played a bit more with lighting, and liked how I drew the pants sagging a lot more. Shirt as well.
Testing Phase by Demyxia
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Initial tests were successful, the serum has taken well to the test subject. His highness will be pleased with the results, I'm certain. Commission for @Niche of them being experimented on and turned into a Mantis Shrimp monster via my Scientist, Savato
Adopted Father by Nyhgault
2022 views, 54 favorites, 4 comments
This was a card commission for Born2beagator on FA. === Work with markers on 11.5*17.8 cm paper (4.5"*7").
Horse by Tgwonder
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Horse :V
Sneeky Snake by Demyxia
2068 views, 54 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for onom of their character enduring a transformation into their chimera self~ Sneky is gettin a little close there~ No chimera tag :c
Pirate Karen by Janexas
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Commission for PaulRevere1991 and @Spacix on fa and da :)
The Incredible Golden Fox by Dusker78
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Not really a sequence in the traditional sense, these are some images from my upcoming webcomic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox. For more information on the comic, please check out the trailer at The comic is set to start in August, but you can get an early look starting in July by becoming a patron of mine at In addition to the early access, you'll get hi def versions of the comics, in progress...
The Siren's Creek by Nyhgault
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The Siren's Creek Along the coast, down the cliffs, Behind the pines, hidden from skiffs, One says there is a creek Where water stands clear and static. In this remote place lives a creature Whose home lies beneath the surface; But in spite of her pleasant face, Mischief and deceit are her real nature. Nothing brings her more joy Than playing with a man like her toy, As no one leaves her domain unchanged. Her kiss leaves humans meek, Charmed by her voice, unable to resist, ...
Big wolf by Zibyr
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Guy turns into a big feral wolf. Commission for Xakrai in furaffinity.
Delicious Nectar Energy Drink by Nyhgault
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This was a card commission for agentcypher on FA featuring himself turning into a feral ant after drinking too much of this new Nectar energy drink during his daily jogging. Pheromone free - Guaranteed! Warning: excessive consumption of Nectarâ„¢ Energy Drink may cause slight physiological disorders, including hair loss, untimely skin keratinization, nausea and headaches. The Nectar LLC may not be responsible for any damaged clothe, furniture or injury that could be caused by the consumer. ...