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Tyler Foxx TF (B&W only) by Antiquity-Varmint
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This is very special Black and white version that can be found only on Transfur here. I have been told many times over that my inked work always does look great without colors added to it. The colored version will not be posted here and will be only found on DA, FA, and Weasyl instead.
Magical Tomek by Virmir
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These things are just lying around everywhere.
Aaron's Fishy Freak Accident by Antiquity-Varmint
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All 11 pages now finally have been finished and all colored up! I hope many of you readers have been enjoying this comic work of mine so far!
Double Trouble - TF by itsjustrocky
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Been a while since last time I drawn Karen. Yeb, commission for PaulRevere1991 I'm sorry for the horse spam recently, I'm afraid there will be more. Oh, one last thing, very few reservation slots for December are now open. Let me know if you are interested, have funnn.
Wrong Ticket by Nyhgault
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Commission I did for @pheagleadler Work with letraset markers.
Commission: Childcare Applicant by HamsterToybox
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Not quite what he was expecting the role to entail. It's supposed to be a stork, but heron was the closest thing on the list. For @EalaDubh I'm now offering ink commissions! Full body is $40, 3 head shots are $30. Email me at if interested :)
VLC: Mask of the Tyrant Lizard by Lucern7
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Papertoonz is the next Veruzekin Diplomat in my Veruzekin Living Costumes series. He chose to become a mighty T-rex by mask. Not as massive a scale as Vectordragon, but still quite a perspective shift. PT is pretty pleased with the results though. Now what could a T-rex do in these modern times... Offer free rides perhaps? Want to become a Diplomat too? Send me a message!
CMSN Wolf TG by Dragon-Storm
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Commission for Trodon, he wanted himself to a pudgy werewolf gal
Big Ass Pumpkin by Dragon-Storm
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Something from My Artpacks, really liked how this one came out
Initiation by Nyhgault
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A commission for Kaoru on FA to illustrate his story, "The King's Dragons" Full story can be found here: Work with Letraset Markers on 13*18 cm paper. Hope you'll enjoy this one!