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Pregnant Catgirl by tfancred
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Even if I post less publically, you can still see my work on my Patreon : When you catch SHAGA, it doesn't only mess with your body. It messes with your mind to. Ask Carl, now Catheryn who was anything but attracted to male. Now, she lives the perfect catgirl life with her husband waiting fir their first cub!
Earning His Stripes by KrazyIvan
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Gonna have to add cursed exercise mat to the long list of TF triggers.
[c] The Climb [Page 3/3 - Complete] by Recurrent
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A three page cel shaded comic for AgentRLSpeed
Poké-Cola by Danwolf
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Comission ObliterationDrake Poké-Cola is only for Pokemon consuption, soo be careful Trainers ! ;3
Proper Gym Etiquette by KrazyIvan
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Don't Drop the Weights!
Don’t Forget Friendship is Magic by Wereskunk
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It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve drawn anything pony related. The 9th of Octransfur is Friendship so figured this would be perfect opportunity to draw MLP stuff. It’s been so long since I drew pony stuff a certain pony used her magic to remind me what true friendship is and how truly magical it can be much to my surprise. Be kind I’m out of practice drawing My Little Pony
Movie Night TF by Sonicspirit
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What? You've never spontaneously transformed into your real self during movie night? Well damn! You're missing out! ^_^ I'm a bit of a weenie with horror movies, and we were watching the original John Carpenter Halloween last night. Soooo, since I tend to draw to be able to handle my weenie-ness with horror movies, I drew us. And since I'm a TF nerd, I drew me, my mate Tails, and my metamour/paramour Violet transforming into, well, me and Tails' real selves, but Vi's fursona, essentially. ^_^...
Silvia's Art meme curse by frankenJade
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I hope this kind of post-tf content is ok? Silvia was having a normal day until a witch turned her into a raccoon and forced her to do art memes for the internet
Awootober by Losipher
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Magical Misfire by OliviaZ
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Matilda was trying to practice a new spell even though she was told it was dangerous, and little did she know, this spell has a high backfire rate. This is something I drew like years ago so it's probably not of the highest quality lol.