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Commission by latex
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Tyla Tail by Weazel75
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Oh no! Looks like Rex injured his tail! Well, that's nothing a hug can't fix~ Featuring Tyla:
Red Tail by Weazel75
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Under cover of the canopy, Dustin becomes Red Tail, notorious Outlaw of the East!
Dragonhood by Wuffy23
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Comic done as part of a trade with Holydrake over on FA If im honest this comic isn't as dynamic as I had in my head but I had to keep the comic from being too long lol, anyways it would seem the young man aka Holy Drake has finally found what he's been looking for, and look at that cool cloak! who couldn't resist trying it on and the statue sure doesn't need it, what could possibly go wrong?
There goes his hands by Gaia1234
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A little boar tf for agentcypher over on fa.
Four Arms by Weazel75
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Is there anything you WON'T do for money, Ryder? (Also, no Polecat tag. D:)
Feeling a little feathered~ by Gaia1234
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But was just drawing me kind of... tfing. Thought I would share.
Wrong Career - SPPACCEE TF by Rockabillysteed
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An astronaut knows little about the moon... and werewolves of course. Just wanna do in different style this time, hope you guys like it !
Babys got back by TFK
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[Camilla felt her shorts getting tighter... She looked back at her rump and was greeted with a white and grey tail slowly growing and ripping the back of new newly bought shorts... The look of surprise washed over her face as she noticed fur was quickly taking over her body...] It has been 4 years since I have drawn a Tranformation so I really hope you enjoy :)
Robos by Demyxia
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I totally forgot to add some of the robos I did, here they are!~ In order @PheagleAdler @Onom @IcyFoxy