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Artist Hunts by Tomek1000
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Hi all its time to start hunts on artists i plan to tf all artis who did tf me or plan to tf soon all of them will get into my trap and turn into what i will want them to become muhahaha first victims are vulpinekeyblader virmir wachout coz you dont know who will be next! (ps this comic is some way of my realaxing i draw it without sketh so its a bit test every page XD) (PS i add in this comic only artist or people who did art where transformated me into something coz this comic is s...
Livestream Commission: Human -> Unicorn by Jakkal
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Livestream commission for @Ealadubh of some poor fellow that ran afoul of some pixies or something, and decided to punish him with fabulous hair. With some side effects.
More Cursed Cheese by Kitsunefan
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You think they would stop making this stuff by now , I dont imagine you get repeat customers
Well I dident see that coming.... by Wuffy23
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So I decided to do a lil experiment over on my FA page giving people a chance to vote for the tf they want to see most, Long story short along with the forms I said he could be I added a mystery tf which won by a long way lol and tbh I don think anyone guessed what I had in mind lol
Like New by Weazel75
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Always have a back up plan. --- Featuring:
Bad Timing : short comic by Rockabillysteed
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Another unexpected tf scenario occurred when me and a friend, Wilson got stranded, having to search a place to stay over night. To say the least, Sh** went down too fast. _______________________ __ _ _ _ joint writer and Wilson character: consolidated Rocky: me Hope you guys enjoy the piece !
Something is not right (art trade) by Tomek1000
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Art trade with my friend Alex from DA he wanted me to draw him turning into pool toy version of his dragon if someone is internested in commision pls send me message
Eye Of Bestet by Okamaru
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With this I am pleased to announce that i am now starting commissions as well as a fur affinity account. Everything is all set up and ready to go! Now on to the Art The Eye of Bestet is a treasure like know other with bestowing cat like prowess and abilities to it's owner along with a couple of other's the score of the century for any Cat Burglar leading to much good fortune and wealth to it's owner/wear.
Werewolf Tf by Tomek1000
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just random transformation i made to do something with free time
Desperation by Gemini-Heart
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Caturnalia inspired this <3 Her breath catches as her growing claws nick her throat, a painful pinprick that chases waves of electric tingling that leave fur in their wake...