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Evidence (Naga TF) by Lucern7
5 images, 1956 views, 35 favorites, 6 comments
A commission from jkrolak involving a female agent investigating the pharmaceutical company MorphoDyne for evidence proving they do illegal experiments behind closed doors. However after making a wrong turn through the ventilation system, she ends up becoming the evidence she was looking for. Note Metamorphosis is misspelled on the first page. It was rasterized by the time I noticed so I couldn't fix it.
Dirty fur by Ottter
1117 views, 14 favorites, 4 comments
A fun little sketch I did to get back into art after some bad pneumonia. BTW, does she look like a monkey to anyone else on first glance?
Those camel cigarettes by Rockabillysteed
1518 views, 10 favorites, 3 comments
For alexeicheetah, done during the DDOS. Himself turning into a camel (joe?) after smoking a cigg.
Xeno Transformation Quickie by K-Libra
1566 views, 15 favorites, 6 comments
Did this in like... 20 minutes or so? Was talking on skype and the talk of eyes being stretched out of existence made me wanna try it. First time I ever drew anything to do with a xenomorph... but it happened. Was fun.
Cobra by Incarna
2467 views, 38 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for @Gryf ^^
Animated - Muzzle TF by Rockabillysteed
3259 views, 57 favorites, 13 comments
Horse muzzle morph ;) For Silao, was once a private commis. If you can't play it, let me know, I'll send you other link
The Hazards of Plumbing by Kitsunefan
2896 views, 23 favorites, 0 comments
People will flush anything, even hypnotizing hippo goo
Up in the Skies by Ametf
3539 views, 40 favorites, 12 comments
I can't remember the title I gave this on Furrafinity D:! Human to plane monster tf commission
Office Exile - TF by Rockabillysteed
4302 views, 76 favorites, 11 comments
for zho Wow, good time drawing this one and it is the last commis for Zho as well. Next commis is gonna be animated Ooooooo....
Livestream Commission: Karen and Procene Meet! by Jakkal
25 images, 58555 views, 293 favorites, 49 comments
Last Minute Update: Procene and PR decided to get another image, where the stuff that allows Procene to talk is wearing off. Is there more to come? Well that's up to Procene and Paul Revere! July Update: Finally, the final images. This sequence is complete! Karen finally found her flowers, and she's starting to change back. She relaxes in the natural hot springs of the area. Procene tries to relax, finds it's rather difficult. Jun 3 Update: Three more pics. A wild blizzard appears! ...