“I didn’t know!” by Wereskunk

“I didn’t know!” by

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With the Pokerus still not showing any signs of slowing down, I’ve decided to get tested. It was painless and would give me piece of mind.

It was a long wait, I felt kinda nervous about it. I was stopped just before entering the main testing area. It was normal for someone to take your temperature.

I was stopped. The person looked at me but right before they could say anything my neck start to hurt. My neck stretched and grew longer. I could hear gasp and shouts from everyone around me.

My ears quickly morphed into long somewhat slimy weirdly shaped ears. My mask clung to them now exposing my mouth and nose. No longer a normal human skin tone. It was purple. My nose and mouth and slightly more pulled out into a muzzle/snout shape.

My stomach started to gurgle as it started expanding and snapping the buttons of my shirt. In the meanwhile a thick tail made its way out of my pants tearing and ripping them.

By now most people had run away. I was left with only some heavily protected staff trying to claim me down as I was crying and repeatedly saying “I didn’t know I was infected”

My tail grew longer as it hit the floor. My pants torn by my expanding body. My shirt barely hung on to my pear shaped dragon Pokémon body. My fingers fused and left me with just two separate digits. My body was gooey and drippy.

I had become a Goodra.