Midnight Drink by Wereskunk

Midnight Drink by

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While getting some water late at night I took a few sips and felt odd. Guess there must have been something in the water. First I lost my balance and my legs started to shrink and a giant tail slithered out of my body. Heavy and thick it curled and wrapped Itself on the floor. My boxers having been torn hang on to my waist. Leaving me partly exposed.

My ears elongate and similarly to my new tail was green. Weird yellow patterns ran across my tail which my now was a more of a combination of my torso. A strange almost shirt collar but much larger grew from my sides. I couldn’t really tell what it was supposed to be. It’s like a corn husk... a banana that’s been peeled.

I looked at my the tip of my new tail to spot leaves growing on it. Just three large green leaves. My vision became slightly less clear as not only did my glasses fall off my face but my eyes had a hard time adjusting to there new positions on my face, which was becoming pail. My small brown eyes increased in size and color. After a while I could see, and see much better then before.

More weird patterns appeared on my face. My mouth and nose almost felt and looked like they were fusing. I could no longer till where my mouth started or my nose ended as my face shaped and pulled itself. My mouth and nose now stretched out. I’ve had lost all but two teeth. The remaining teeth becoming sharp and pointed like fangs. My tongue became larger to better suit it’s now much larger home.

The only thing that remind humans for the moment was my arms. I could feel them getting close to changing as well. My mom had come and saw me, saw a giant green snake in her home. She yelled, embarrassed about the situation I try to explain what happened. She might or might not have believed me. I mean I wasn’t really quite sure myself. Was this the virus that virus I heard about in the news? The Pokémon Virus?!


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dont you hate it when something like that happens? XD i love the art bud!


Thanks :)


Serperior naga! Sweet!


I love this I want the virus to infect me and turn me into a muchlax…or a Yelveltal, either one works